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elisa agustina

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of HARETION

HARETION by Elisa Agustina
001200900028 Calibration
Processing Image
Hand Detection
Finger Count
Action command to the system Presentation media tools Problem Statement help to control slide transition without any additional hardware and do it in a distance Control Action Technology involves interaction between user and computer in its user interface Hardware & Software Requirement use case diagram HARETION Demonstration System Overview BACKGROUND Human Computer Interaction Rules and condition:
Adequate lighting room environment
Clear background area and not contain human skin color object
30-40cm distances from camera Related Works Hand Gesture Recognition for Presentation Controller Thesis Objective Creates new generation of interactive presentation media helper tool controller Scope Desktop application
Work based on human hand gesture
Fit to Microsoft Office PowerPoint basic functions Limitation Computer Vision Shapiro, G., Linda, and Stockman, George C. Computer Vision. Prentice Hall, 2002. Image Processing the output of image processing may be either
an image or a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image Rahmati, Yaser. Image processing definition and applications. [Online] 2012 - http://pecworld.zxq.net/Software/Matlab/Part_5/Detail/001.htm. Process Flow: Conclusions HARETION is able to create a new generation of presentation helper tools, Future Works Light condition dependencies
Haar training method
Minimize distance dependence
(zooming, auto focus webcam)
Background extraction.
HARETION able to use in complex background environment Thank You Special thanks to:
The Examiners
Mr. Rila Mandala
as thesis advisor system analysis and design system architecture user interface system design system testing system requirement resource requirement Limited to FIVE basic Microsoft PowerPoint functions
Next, Previous, Full Mode, Exit Full Mode, Show Blank Page Clear background area, Adequate lighting condition environment basic theory 1 = next
2 = previous
3 = escape
4 = blank page
5 = full mode convex hull the contour shape based on the rounded shape around the objects -HARETION-HARETION-HARETION-HARETION- Testing Environment 1.3 Mega Pixels Test the system as a whole and only those aspects related to the whole system will be tested APPLICATION DEMO windows 7 & windows 8 Intel Core2Duo CPU RAM 2GB IDE : Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium
Library : OpenCV 2.4.2 1. windows title
2. total finger counter
3. windows image bluetooth remote tools leap motion kinect sports games Computer vision is the transformation of many forms of data image, convex hull and convexity defects HARETION can control action:
next, previous, full mode, escape full mode, and break mode OS Windows Compatible camera as the input sensor Microsoft Office PowerPoint existed tools >> need contact interaction or New generation of presentation media controller, based on computer vision using hand gesture physical devices (empty-handed) based on hand gesture recognition
using computer vision between object and webcam Approximately 40 centimeters separated, << not containing human skin color object >> such as video sequences, into either a decision or a new representation Process of Computer Vision: 6. Image Recognition Image processing is any form of signal processing which the input is an image, such as a photograph or video frame; convexity defects feature to find the defects
between a convex hull and a contour Better in a room with fluorescent lamp and
40 cm distance between hand and webcam Light and distance are two main factors influence HARETION performance implement Computer Vision using hand gesture controlling presentation empty-handed - - - solution strategy - - - 1. Image Acquisition 2. Pre-processing Image 3. Feature Extraction 4. Detection 5. High-level Processing non-functional requirement functional requirement >> implement Codebook method, to capture static background,
and other movement object is the object of interest. HARETION RGB YCrCb Erode Dilate Smooth Hardware Windows OS
Minimum RAM 2GB
Intel Core2Duo 2.2 Ghz mimimum 1.3 Mega Pixels Software adequate lighting environment system overview will work successfully on : clear background area
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