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Ancient China The Environment

No description

Daniel Behm

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Ancient China The Environment

Ancient China The Environment
By: Daniel
China is located here.
Ancient China was made from different landforms. To the west of Ancient China there were large mountain ranges and deserts. The rest of Ancient China was developed by hills, valleys, and rich fertile plains these hills and plains were home to large farming communities.
Bodies Of Water
Two of the worlds longest rivers are found in Ancient China.
The Huang He
(Yellow River)
The Chang Jiang
(Yangtze River)
The climate of Ancient China was different in different parts of China. Central and Southeastern China was hot but wet in the summer and cool but dry in the winter. Southern China was different Southern China was warm and humid most of the year.
A lot of vegetation is found in Ancient China.
In Ancient China you would find lychee fruit, rubber trees, cotton fields, bamboo forests, rice, apricots, sugar cane, tea, wheat, peaches, apples, oranges, tangerines, palm, boxwood, oak, maple, birch, banyan, mulberry, cypress,and pine. That is all the vegetation you would find in Ancient China.
Animal Life
Animals in Ancient China were kept as pets, and hunted or raised for food.
Some of those animals are found in different parts of the world and some of those animals are endangered.
Here is a list of endangered animals in Ancient China.
- Giant Panda - Golden Monkey
- Snow Leopard - Tiger
- Crested Lbis - Brown Eared Pheasant
- Red-crowned Crane - Chinese Alligator Today the Golden monkey, Chinese alligator,and Crested Lbis are slowly recovering. Here is a list of the animals in ancient china (not endangered) - Elephant - Goat
- White Lipped Deer - Camel - Water Buffalo - Donkeys - Black Bears - Carp
- Dogfish - Goldfish - Minnow - Sucker
Natural Resources
Natural Resources were used for different things examples are jewelery, houses ,and currency.
Some of the Natural Resources from Ancient China are coal, iron ore, tin, lead, copper, gold, salt, clay, jade, pine,and bamboo. Birds, fish, and animals were hunted for food.
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