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La Dolce Pizza - pizza cupcake

Ara Beltran

on 19 September 2012

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Types of Business Min – Max Enterprise is a food chain company whose major business is providing instant food service. As an initial venture, we started putting up our first chain of food store – La Dolce Pizza.

We focus on easy to prepare, on the go food, which will be sold in food carts/kiosks. Initially, the kiosks will be located at LRT stations. Most important to us is our financial success, and we believe that this will be achieved by offering high quality service, and extremely clean cupcakes with a different twist.
Management Highlights Organizational Chart Ana Clarisse I. Oczon General Manager
Ara Mae P. Beltran
Human Resource Manager
Marcella D. SanchezOperations Manager
Erika M. ValenciaProduction Manager
Cristelle RoxasFinance Manager
Ma. Angelique MonforteMarketing Manager
Marjorie de Leon
Research and Development Manager
Marketing Highlights Target Market
As a starting business, our initial primary target markets are person that don’t have enough time to prepare meals for themselves. Most commonly, we refer to working people and students.

Target Market Profile
-Hungry-late people
-People who missed meal
-People who wait at LRT Stations
-People who looks for “pasalubong” Demand Supply Analysis

-Projected Demand (Five Years)

For the computation, we get the average weekly ridership multiplied to the percentage of the people who admits they buy foods offered at LRT Line 2 stations.

Population of passengers who purchase foods at train stations
= daily population x % of food buyers
= 185,102 x 56%
= 103,658 Table M1. Demand for foodstuff
Demand for foodstuff To determine the demand for our product, we’ve asked a follow up question to those people who admit buying food at LRT stations. If how many times they will buy a product like ours. 10% of them said, they are willing to buy our product everyday, 34% said every other day, and 56% stated that they would be trying to buy once a week.

Population of passengers who will try new product like ours
= number of LRT food buyers x % of those willing to try
= 103,658 x 60%
= 62,195 Table M2. Demand for foodstuff Potential demand for our product To compute for the total annual demand, we have the following computation.

Demand for food offered in LRT stations (annually)
= {[weekly demand (availed) x operating weeks]} + {weekly demand (willing) x operating weeks}
= {207,315 (52 weeks/yr)} + {141,805 (52 weeks/yr)}
= 10,780,341 + 7,373,840
= 18,154,180 per year Table M3. 5 year demand projection for foodstuffs In reference from the annual growth of LRT (13%), we have come up with below 5 year projection of demand for foodstuffs in LRT. Table M5. 5 year supply projection Projected Supply (Five Years)

We have listed a total of 63 stalls supplying the market’s demand for food. Since supply is directly proportional with demand, projected supply for 5 years will have an annual increase of 13% also. Table M6. 5 year demand gap projection Demand Gap (Five Years) Fig R1. Distribution Strategy CONSUMER PRODUCER Distribution Strategy La Dolce Pizza can be described as cupcake/muffin topped with different pizza flavors. Customers will choose among the offered luscious pizza toppings and will put it on top of the cupcake/muffin. The flavors that we will be offering are the following:

Ham and Bacon
Technical Production Description Fig T1. Illustration of the product Diameter: 2.5" Thickness: 2" Technical Production Description

-Product Description Duration per Step per Batch
-The formula of product operation is operating time divide by the service time, multiplied by the number or product per preparation.
-Product Operation (Commissary) = (8 hrs / 12 mins.) x 72 pcs.
= 1,152 pcs Table T6. Daily, Weekly and Monthly schedule of pizza cupcake Production Schedule

-Monthly Schedule Plant/Factory Location

-Commissary Location Fig. Top view of stall layout Stall Layout Fig. Stall illustration Cash
register Oven Service Area Service Crew Food Warmer
Socio-Economic Contribution Socio-Economic Contribution

- The company will be opening new opportunities for people who are interested in having a regular job and also for those people who are undergraduate and looking for a job. The company will be opening 12 different positions for the applicants. The company will need three (3) crew for the stalls, one (1) helper, one (1) delivery driver, and six (6) commissary personnel. -The employer will also help the families of the worker employed in Mini-Max Enterprises since they will be receiving appropriate benefits (SSS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG) and wages.

-Additional contribution to the government by Mini –Max Enterprise is the payment for the business tax. Before the company operates, Mini – Max Enterprise must first acquire articles of partnership to DTI and BIR. Commissary # 51C Narra St. Cor. Tindalo St. Brgy. Duyan-duyan Project 3 Q.C.
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