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Career Shadowing

No description

Courtney Kunstman

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Privileged Critters Animal Hospital!(:

[Courtney Kunstman]
[Period 5] The technology used in this job would have
to be the same things we use which is microsoft

[This dog was going to be put too sleep :(] The purpose of the company
that i career shadow is to
take care of animals, give
them their shots and make
sure that they are okay. This company will be in the
same place as it is now, doing
a great job protecting animals.

(That dog was being put down) The employability skills needed are respect, kindness, and uniform.

(Surgery) Not too many skills are needed.
Obviously you would need to know
how to give an animal a shot or
take blood. Just the basic things
you need to know. No i do not think i could
do this job, most of the stuff
involves hurting the animals and
i just couldn't do that. Maybe if
i helped in the office or up front i
could handle it.

(Checking for heart worms) The best thing i like about
this job would be interacting
with the animals,and also working
in the front helping people
but i don'tlike to much about this job.

(Just got out of surgery) There are alot of things
i disliked about this job.
I didn't like the surgeries
and the blood, i didn't like
the shots or putting the doggie
to sleep :(

(Checking for heart worms)
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