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my childhood memories

No description

juliette g

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of my childhood memories

My Childhood Memories
When I was a Toddler
My parents used to take care of me.
I loved to play with my dolls.
For example, dolls, baby toys, ect....
Elementary School
My favorite teacher was Mrs.Bayon.
In fifth grade I got Best Overall Student.
We went to Sea World for fifth grade graduation.

Learning to Ride a Bike
I learned to ride a bike when I was nine years old.
My best friend Bibi taught me.
My Childhood Memories
This the story of how I grew up and who was involved in my childhood.
By:Juliette Gresham
Period 1
Mrs. Arismendy
My Childhood
My best friend was and still is Bibi.
We loved to play games.
My dad used to take us to the park.
When I turned ten my parents took me and my brother to Mexico for a week and I will never forget what a special event that was. It was my tenth birthday gift and we went scuba diving and basically spent the whole day at the beach.
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