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Brain School Analogy

No description

Glenn Shelton

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Brain School Analogy

A Brain is like a School Building.... A brain is like a school building because both contain different components that affect their entire community. Glial Cells are like Students. Glial cells are like students in several ways. When humans are first born, there are billions of glial cells present. There are several more students present in kindergarten classes then when the class graduates thirteen years later. Students, like glial cells, have several vital roles in the school. When neurons are grown together with glial cells, they are ten times stronger. When students grow together as classes, the classes are stronger. Neurons are like Classrooms. Neurons are like classroom because house the primary or most important functions of the larger body. Like neurons, a normally functioning classroom is continually firing, integrating, and generating information. The classroom is the hotbed of activity. Dendrites are like Teachers. Many believe that dendrites are like students. However, if dendrites do not pass on information, then the cell does not fire. If a teacher does not pass on information, then students do not learn. If a teacher never reaches a threshold of the times to become active, then memory doesn't take place Axons are like Administrators. Axons are like administrators because many times administrators
only talk to teachers. Administrators have limited functions, set the
atmosphere of the school and support teachers. In order to do
multiple tasks, many times there will become a need to increase the
number of administrators. The Brain Stem is like the Hallways. The Brain Stem is like the hallways at school because the activities are loosely defined but are essential to the school. The Cerebellum is like the Guidance Office. The cerebellum is like the guidance office
because the guidance office helps students make
connections between the information learned
and their career goals. The Diencephalon is like the Cafeteria. The diencephalon is like a cafeteria because this is where the students' physical needs are met, including romantic dates arranged for later in the day. The Cerebrum is like the different Academic Departments. The cerebrum is like the different academic departments because of the different learning processes that take place, but seem specialized.
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