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Innovation Showcase - Infographics

No description

Monica Castaneda

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Innovation Showcase - Infographics

What's the big deal with Infographics?
Benefits and Facts
Step 1
Gather enough facts during analysis

Chunk the collected data

Prepare to design!
Step 2
Narrative - Linear and trail between visual elements

Compartmentalized - Sectioned, titles, subtitles, call outs

Chart/Graph/Diagram - Statistical data is the main focus

Step 3
Smartphones: 288 pixels

Tablets or iPads: 600 - 640 pixels

Desktop or Website: 600 x 1800 pixels
Step 4
Choose an application that you are most comfortable with manipulating graphics and chunking information.

Convert to PDF or image (.png or .jpeg)
Step 5
Add Infographics to compliment your training

Recommend Infographics as an alternative method of training

Use Infographics in non training situations such as communications, Team Meetings, etc

Navigation Infographic:
Used for Systems Training
Explains navigation of system
Visually appealing and draws the eye
SIM Card Fraud Infographic:
Used as a Topic Series
Focuses on one topic and provide facts
Annotated Map
Why is this an Infographic?
Common theme
Supporting facts
Tells a Story

Color & font theme
Tells a story

Sectioned & Chunked
Visually aesthetic
Learner retention
Keep your audience in mind
Knowing the deliverable
Meet your objectives
Choose a type
Be creative!
Travell Brock: TB616N@att.com

Monica Castaneda MM4477@att.com
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