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Megan St.Aubin

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Darfur

Is The Genocide of Darfur Targeting one group of People The Janjaweed want to wipe out the non-muslims
There is torturing and killing of only non-muslims Darfur is located in west Sudan Government Governed by the Sudan government One sided
Islamic Law
The non-muslims are not represented in government
The government is bombing Darfur with their use of helicopters and airplanes. Resources Cause Problems Darfur has profitable resources

leads to the Janjaweed wanting the land

Janjaweed need to remove the non-muslims form the land so they can live off it In an area no one hears about.......... Why Get Involved? Slaughter


Random attacks

Spreading Disease The Janjaweed are a armed government funded group of Arabs who are mass killing the non-muslim people of Darfur Many people in Darfur are murdered everyday just for being the wrong religion

In the Islamic government many broken laws are punishable by death and many women are killed if they are accused of cheating on their husbands Many Women and Children are raped everyday in Darfur

This causes the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases

Women and Children do not deserve to be treated this way and it has to be stopped The Janjaweed people are randomly attacking and bombing non-muslim villages in their attempt to kill all the People of Darfur The Janjaweed people dump dead bodies into the non-muslim peoples water source to pollute the water and spread disease

They hope to slowly kill off the population by torturing them with terrible diseases If We Don't get Involved..... We Could have situations like.......

The Hollocaust Somalia Rwanda China is not helping the situation China is really dependent on Sudan for oil and other resources

Because of this:
They give Sudan money which is then used to fund the Janjaweed and help them in their Genocide
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