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Book of Philippians

No description

Bjorn White

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Book of Philippians

Philippians Humility What is the theme of Philippians?

A. Humility What collection of books is Philippians a part of that Paul wrote?

A. Prison Letters What kind of people lived in Philippi?

A. Retired military When was the book of Philippians written?

A. A.D. 62 What does humility generally mean?

A. To lower yourself below your actual status in live How does Paul refer to the Philippians?

A. Partners in grace What does Paul say that many people have gained from his imprisonment?

A. Confidence V. 21 What does Paul say that living is to him?

A. Christ What does Paul say that dying is to him?

A. Gain What does Paul say to focus on in chapter 2?

A. One goal What is the one goal that Paul is talking about?

A. Humility What does Mr. White believe that pride is?

A. The root of every kind of sin and evil Ch. 3 Who does Paul tell the Philippians to lookout for?

A. Dogs What does Paul say to anyone who thinks that they have grounds for confidence in the flesh?

A. That he has more What tribe does Paul say that he is from?

A. Benjamin What sect of the Jewish people was Paul a part of?

A. Pharisee Because of who does Paul say that his pride became loss?

A. Jesus Christ What does Paul say is the one thing he does?

A. Forget what is behind and reach to what is ahead What does Paul say that we should live up to?

A. Whatever truth we have attained Who does Mr. White say that we should imitate?

A. Whatever real Christians there are around you What kind of crown is Paul referring to, when he says that the Philippian church is his "joy and crown"?

A. Olympic crown Who are the two ladies in the Philippian church that are fighting?

A. Euodia and Syntyche What does Paul tell the two women who were fighting to do?

A. Agree in the Lord What does Paul say not to do in 4:6?

A. Worry What does Paul say to do instead of worrying?

A. Pray and tell God what you need What is the result of praying instead of worrying?

A. The peace of God will guard your hearts and minds Paul ends the letter by thanking the church for being the first and only to support him financially... Why was the location of Philippi so important?

A. It sits between the royal route of Macedonia, which reaches from east to west Paul said that Jesus existed in the form of God but didn't do what?

A. Consider himself equal How far did Jesus go in humbling himself?

A. Death on a cross What did God do because of Jesus' humility in this life?

A. Exalt him in eternity The simplicity of one goal... What did Mr. White say is the benefit of having one goal?

A. Simplicity What will God do with us because of our humility?

A. Exalt us in eternity What does Mr. White believe this drama between two ladies has to do with the the rest of the letter?

A. It is the purpose of the letter What is Paul's trick for achieving the life that God wants for you?

A. Forgetting what is behind and reaching for what is ahead What kind of prize is Paul referring to as he talks about reaching a goal?

A. An olympic prize What does it mean to "agree in the Lord"?

A. Agree for the sake of Jesus What does Paul pray for the Philippians?

A. Their love grown in knowledge and discernment What is the point of Paul teaching about humility in the context of Philippians?

A. Humility makes drama go away Paul says "imitate me!" Why does Paul use olympic references while writing to the Philippians?

A. Because soldiers were often the athletes CH. 4 What does Paul say that the rest of the church should do to help the dramatic situation?

A. Rejoice in the Lord always What does it mean to "rejoice in the Lord"?

A. Focus on the positive Who was the other church that provided for Paul financially at first?

A. None Through his ministry and service Paul learned the secret of being - what?

A. Content
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