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Project: Life Timeline

A Timeline of My Life

Matthew Williams

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of Project: Life Timeline

Matthew Williams
Project: Life Timeline 23 February, 1998:
I was born on a Monday in
Germantown, TN. I was released
from the hospital with my Mom and Dad
the next day. I also got to meet my parent's pets,
two dalmatians, Donner and Domino.
Fact: I was born a solid 8 pounds. 24 February, 1998:
I live in Olive Branch. 23 February, 1999:
First Birthday. 23 February, 2000:
My Second Birthday.
15 June, 2000:
My sister is born. 23 February, 2001:
3rd Birthday. August 2001:
I started 3K Preschool. 23 February, 2002
4th Birthday. 23 February, 2003:
5th Birthday. August 2003:
I started Kindergarten
at Desoto Central Elementary. 14 February, 2004:
My brother is born. And yes,
the date is correct. My brother was born
on St. Valentine's Day. 23 February, 2004:
6th Birthday. August 2004:
I start First Grade at
Pleasant Hill Elementary. 23 February, 2005:
7th Birthday 15 April, 2001:
Easter; New Dog. August 2005:
Second Grade at Lewisburg. October 2005:
New house in Hernando. November 2005:
New dogs. 23 February, 2006:
8th Birthday. August 2006:
Third Grade at Lewisburg. 23 February 2007:
9th Birthday. August 2007:
4th Grade Year at Lewisburg. 23 February 2008:
10th Birthday. August 2008:
Fifth Grade at Lewisburg. 23 February 2009:
11th Birthday. August 2009:
Sixth Grade at the Middle School. 23 February, 2010:
12th Birthday. August 2010:
Seventh Grade at Lewisburg. August 2002:
4K Preschool May 1999:
Learning to Walk.
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