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intelligent materials

No description

sofia arce

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of intelligent materials

They are called intelligent because such
intelligence can achieve a more secure and
comfortable life for all of us. INTELLIGENT
MATERIALS they are materials that have the capacity to act as sensors. Their signals can be processed in a computer and they act on the structure to response better to the environment. are those which can adapt to every environment
and are able to alter their properties as required
by its user Landec's
Intelimer® are unique materials that
respond to temperature
changes in a controllable,
predictable way monsanto uses Landec’s proprietary
temperature activated
Intelimer® polymer
technology for agricultural
seed coating. Corn coatings allow farmers to plant 3-4 weeks earlier than normal in the spring broadening the planting window and serving as a planting management tool. The seed coating protects the seed from imbibing moisture until soil temperatures are ideal for germination. This helps farmers plant all their crops on time, maximize yield potential, avoid late planting losses and lower post-harvest drydown costs Paulina Morones
Sofía Arce references:
the hug shirt how does it work? is a Bluetooth accessory for Java enabled mobile phones. all the data goes from the sensors Bluetooth to your mobile phone and your mobile phone delivers the hug data to your friend’s phone and it is transmitted Bluetooth to his or her shirt!
it can be washed!!! The Hug Shirt™ can be washed. The smart technology pads (containing sensors and actuators),
are placed under each red area t can be removed for washing and placed back in afterwards.
The Hug pads are plug and play, The Hug Shirt™s are available in many colors, so that you can move the smart pads from shirt to shirt and remain fashionable. is a shirt that makes people send hugs over distance. Embedded in the shirt there are sensors that feel the strength of the touch, the skin warmth and the heartbeat rate of the sender and actuators that recreate the sensation of touch, warmth and emotion of the hug to the shirt of the distant one. the bubelle emotion sensing dress The Design group at Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands gives it a shot and takes a look into the far future of fashion in their SKIN project, an exploration research into the area known as ‘emotional sensing’. is made up of two layers, the inner layer contains biometric sensors that pick up a person’s emotions and projects them in colors onto the second layer, the outer textile. changes the look instantaneously
according to our emotional
state and our personality Phillips wants to show emotions, r personality and Lucy McRae, Body Architect at Philips Design, who lead this project, elevated our emotional dress code to a higher, more reactive leve LED Light Glasses to Reset your Body’s Clock Australian Researchers from Flinders University have developed special LED light-glasses designed to re-calibrate our biological clocks and overcome problems such as insomnia and jet lag. the glasses release a safe blue light directly
into the eyes of the wearer that helps reset
the body clock to the appropriate time. The portable, light-weight glasses run on a 9V battery meaning the
treatment can take place while a person performs normal daily tasks The body clock (or circadian rhythm) is our biological response to the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons – it’s what makes us alert in the mornings and sleepy at night “The insomnia market is worth US$5 billion and 94% of all long haul air travellers suffer from Jet Lag. Seasonal depression effects 35 million U.S. citizens and 10 per cent of Northern Europe while in Australia 2 million people suffer from various forms of insomnia.”The special glasses were featured at the Commercialisation Forum and Fair of Id-to-Reset-your-Bodeas in Sydney during March 2003.
The Centre for Vision
in the Developing World
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