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Boolean Search Logic

Use the Google search box to find exactly what you're looking for, including answers to math problems and the current weather.

She S

on 19 November 2016

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Transcript of Boolean Search Logic

Boolean Operators
Placing text in quotes searches for that exact phrase.
" "
Searching for "how to write a bibliography" gives you search
results that contain that exact phrase.
Placing NOT in front of a term excludes that term.
If you search for phone NOT iPhone, your results will NOT have the word iPhone in them .
Use parentheses ( ) to separate keywords when you are using more than one operator and three or more keywords.
Example: Searching for
vaccination AND (children OR kids) gives you results that contain vaccination and children AND vaccination and kids.
Including related:plus the URL searches for results that are somehow related to that URL.
Searching for related:stpaulprep.org gives you results that are similar to SPP's website, like the school blog, the student handbook, etc.
Putting OR (must be capitalized) includes either of the words.
Searching for children OR kids OR youth gives you all results containing children, kids, and youth.
Putting AND between words searches for items with all the keywords you specify.
Searching for apple AND computer gives you results that must contain both words apple and computer.
Search within a web domain by searching
term site:URL.
technology site:stpaulprep.org searches the SPP website for the word technology.
Search for sites that link to another by including link:URL.
Searching for link:stpaulprep.org gives you websites that contain links to SPP's website.
Boolify Project
Have you ever felt like this while searching the Internet?
Successful Boolean Searching Tips
1. Identify the main keywords or concepts in your topic
ex: Should vaccinations be required for children?
2. List the most important words first
Google uses the minus before a word instead of NOT. Ex: -computer
Narrows and restricts the number of results.
Expands or increases the number of results.
ex: Will iPhones be sold by Verizon? Try searching for: verizon AND iPhone
TEST: All students wearing blue jeans AND who are girls stand up
TEST: All students wearing non-blue jeans OR sweatshirts.
TEST: Students wearing sandals NOT girls stand up.
3. Consider synonyms of your keywords
ex: vaccinations, immunizations, inoculations / children, kids, youth
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