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Thomas Arndell

No description

mohamad hannan

on 28 June 2016

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Transcript of Thomas Arndell

Thomas Arndell
Birth and death
thomas arndell was baptised at kington parish church hero for shire, on 4 march 1753. he was the eleventh and youngest child of anthony arndell.
thomas and children
He was given charge of the hospital at Rose Hill (Parramatta) in 1788 and formed an early liaison with a convict girl who arrived on Lady Penrhyn, Elizabeth Burleigh.
First Fleet
martha on 4 march 1781 , a daughter of esther was born to thomas and isablla francesca foscar on 14 decemBer 1781
Thomas Arndell's Patent of Appointment by the Command of His Majesty King George III to be "Assistant Surgeon to the Settlement within our Territory called New South Wales" was dated 25 October 1786, and he sailed with the First Fleet on Friendship.
William their sixth child died on 4 March 1792 and is buried in St John's Church Cemetery, Parramatta. Elizabeth bore five more children to Thomas before they married in 1807, according to an affidavit by the Reverend Samuel Marsden, and their legitimate child was born in 1808
Thomas Arndell died on 2 May 1821 and is buried in St Matthew's, WindsOR
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