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Past Simple Tense

Past Simple Tense

leila pourjafar

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Past Simple Tense

PAST SIMPLE We use the Past Simple to talk about completed actions in the past. I saw "Titanic" yesterday Did you eat your breakfast this morning? I didn't complete my homework last week. PAST SIMPLE We use the Past Simple to talk about a series of events or actions which happened in the past. I finished work, walked down to the beach, had a swim and then fell asleep. Did they invite the Adams family, buy a birthday gift, order food and pay the florist? He didn't arrive at the airport on time, which means he didn't board the plane, didn't fly to Sydney and didn't see his daughter get married! PAST SIMPLE We use the Past Simple for a duration which starts and ends in the past. This could be short or long. Shauna studied Japanese for 15 years Matthew didn't live in Brazil for more than 12 weeks. - How long did you wait for them?
- We waited for an hour! PAST SIMPLE We use the Past Simple to talk about any action or event which happened in the past. I watch TV every morning I watched TV yesterday morning "watched" is past simple: I / we / you / they he / she / it watched PAST SIMPLE The Past Simple is often -ed. For example: enjoyed clean cleaned dance danced I enjoyed the food at McDonald's last week. Terry cleaned his room this morning. We danced a lot at the party last night. The above verbs are regular! Other examples are: decide produce finish work want play rain smoke stay die start open watch live and many more... PAST SIMPLE Spelling regular verbs -y -ied study studied marry married Now you try: fly try copy carry worry hurry PAST SIMPLE -y does not change to i if the ending is: -ay stay stayed -oy enjoy enjoyed -ey or -uy spelling regular verbs If a verb ends in a Vowel and Consonant, the consonant is doubled stop stopped beg begged slam slammed jog jogged pin pinned rip ripped tan tanned plan planned PAST SIMPLE Irregular verbs some verbs are irregular. The past simple is NOT -ed. examples: begin began break broke bring brought build built buy bought catch caught come came do did drink drank and many many more... enjoy
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