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mada mada

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of CRM

Why Managing Customer Relationships in the Social Media Era?
we are inserted in and surrounded by social communities;
we establish relationships based on conversations;
we struggle to be accepted by other groups;
we share our insights with friends;
we make decisions based on suggestions from friends;
Social CRM...
does not replace traditional
humanize the company
puts the customer in the core of the company's strategy
needs a new organizational mindset
The Customer is Changing.
What about the Companies?
traditional customer
is the one
we all wer
e as recently as a decade ago. We bought products and services and based our decisions on utility and price.
We communicated
with the companies we were dealing with by letter, phone call, and occasional e-mail, if they had the facility to do that. But that
customer changed because of a social change
in the early part of the millennium. The
customer seized control of the business ecosystem and it was never the same
Acquire, develop, retain ... socially
For business to succeed, they need to keep the job of acquiring, developing, and retaining customers
Benefits of Social CRM
Raise Marketing ROI
Improve marketing effectiveness
Identify new business opportunities
Cut sales commissions costs
Increase R&D capabilities and innovation
Increase customer loyalty
Decrease customer service costs

Threats of Social Media in CRM
Lack of control over conversations
Fear of negative word-of-mouth
Privacy and security issues
No push marketing
CRM in the Social Media Era
Thank you!
by Donika Rageva and
Madalina Ioana Marcu

Because we live in a social world ...
...and because customers are,
more than everything else,

Paul Greenberg, Author of CRM at the Speed of Light
What is the social customer doing?
Evolution of Organizational Mindset requires strong culture change
Traditional CRM
Social CRM
Evolution of CRM to SCRM
Why should companies adopt Social CRM?
"Happy customer tell three friends,
unhappy customers tell 3000"
Why CRM should start to think Socially?
Improved CRM can help companies achieve competitive advantage when the economy turns
Social Media has low cost, increased collaboration and is a key channel to engage with people
New consumer and employee behavior demands new strategy, segmentation, channels, messages and processes
How many of you use any social media as a channel to interact with a company, a brand that you use, like, you are fan of, using its products?
What triggers you a customer to seek out a company or brand via social media?
What would make a customer reluctant to interact?
Does social engagement influence customers' feelings of loyalty towards a company as business hope it does?
Who is embracing social media and which websites are the most used?
Why Social CRM?
Not joining Social Media is the biggest threat
We live in Social Era
We use social technology in daily bases
1.75 billion people worldwide use social media websites
What is Social CRM?
IBM research
It’s about friends and family – not brands. More than half of
consumers don’t even consider engaging with businesses via
social sites
research on ROI
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