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The Camera

No description

Erika Desjardins

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of The Camera

A Polaroid camera is a type of camera that makes pictures on the spot. it is also the Instagram logo. to learn more about Polaroids and other instant photo cameras, go to http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/question605.htm
A camera is a type of device that is used to capture a moment in time onto a memory card or film.
What is a camera?
A camera has seven basic parts.
1. The lens. The lens allows light into the camera and it focus' the light onto the film plane.
2. Then there is the Shutter. The shutter open and closes to control the amount of time light strikes the film. There are two different types of shutters: a leaf shutter which is located between or just behind the lens, and a focal plane shutter, which is located in front of the film plane.
3. The shutter release activates the shutter.
4. The set timer trips the shutter after a pre-set delayed time.
5. The viewfinder is the window where you can look at what you are taking the picture of.
6. Next is the flash. this is the where the flash is mounted or attached.
7.Shutter Speed Control - this controls the amount of time the shutter remains open. Typical shutter speeds can be measured in fractions of a second, such as: 1/30 1/60 1/125 1/250 1/500 and 1/1000 of a second.

Properties/ Characteristics
Pay: 18k to 60k

Education: College, University

Job description: Photojournalists take pictures of people, places. Usually will work for a newspapers or magazines companies.

How it relates: A photojournalist must have a keen eye of scenery that will make a news worthy story .This means he or she has to see what is important about a particular scene. Because scenes can change rapidly, these decisions must be made quickly.

Courses : English, Communications & Media Studies, Mathematics, Science, History, World Issues, Visual Arts, Business & Management / Computers
DSRL cameras are being used for capturing images from Earth of space. By attaching a DSRL camera (with a certain focusing lens) to a telescope,an astronomer is able to capture images of things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Things think stars, planets, and meteorites can be captured with a DSRL camera. This can help astronomers chart their discoveries for the public to see. This can also help for doing research, astronomers can capture the image at night then thoroughly look at it during the day.

Average people are also using a DSRL camera to take professional looking pictures themselves.
Impact on Society-DSRL Cameras
By: Nicole, Curtis, and Erika
what the inside of a camera lens looks like.
Mechanics of a camera lens
Impact on society- Security Cameras
Pay: 20k to 60k

Education: High School, Collage, University

Job description: a photographer will take pictures to capture images that tell stories, paint pictures, or record events. (usually more personal business).

how it relates: A photographer will use a camera to to take pictures with value. A photographer will also change lens to make the picture's out come.

Courses :English, Communications & Media Studies ,Mathematics, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Computers, Electronics & Communications Technology , Drafting & Design.
Security cameras help police capture criminals. They help identify a criminals face and physical features. By monitoring the home or business they can see if anyone is breaking in, stealing, or threatening someone. Also younger and/or less experienced criminals tend not to take the risk of breaking in to somewhere guarded by security cameras.

However people are beginning to feel as if they are criminals who cannot be trusted when visiting malls, shops, or even a street. They say security cameras are invading their privacy. People feel as if their privacy and freedom is being compromised.
A camera phone, also known as a smart phone with camera, is used for capturing precious moments when a camera isn't available. Lately the camera phone has been used for the dreaded '
'. This is having a degrading effect on society;especially on teenage girls. This is being called the end of photography in society. Young girls have started to take half naked photos and post them on the internet. Society finds this socially acceptable and allows it to happen.
Impact on society-Camera Phones/Smart Phones
In 2012 in Philadelphia USA alone, 2400 security cameras were installed. This number is on a rise as home security cameras are becoming more popular. According to Philadelphia's police department, because of security cameras they have made 191 arrests.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, 2013 was the year of the 'selfie'. The number of 'selfies' in 2014 is expected to be around a trillion. This is getting out of hand. Society has been down graded to social media filled with 'selfies' and 'duckfaces'.
Play the video to see how far society has taken 'selfies'
This is a camera operator checking the camera to make sure every thing is running right.
This is a film editor editing
a piece of film
Pay: 32,000 to 152,000

Education: College, University, or technician training

job description: A film editor takes shots from movie and or film and cut it together to make a final product.

How it relates: The film editor take shots from the movie or film and edits them to make a the action sequence flawless .In a creation of a film, the actors perform the story, then the cinematographers capture it on film, and directors to control the movie production. when it is done the film editor’s job to take all of the film that has been shot and cut them into sequence to meet the expectation of the director.

Courses :English,Literature,Communications & Media Studies ,Mathematics,Social Studies,Dramatic Arts,Visual Arts,Computers / Technology
film editor
Impact on Society- Digital Cameras
Digital cameras made photography a cheaper and more accessible hobby. Before the digital camera was invented in 1975, photography was very expensive. People who aren't professional photographers are able to capture memories that they could not before. Things like family photos, wedding pictures, and just everyday moments could not be captured unless a professional photographer was present.

Film editor
Camera operator
One of the first digital cameras
According to studies approximately 110 million digital cameras are sold world wide each year. This number is on a 3% rise.
list of jobs
Impact on Society- Video Cameras/Camcorder
The video camera or camcorder has helped people capture videos of memories instead of just pictures. Special memories like birthdays, baby's first steps or words, and Christmases can now be captured to the full effect.

However, celebrities have used the technology to record things like sex tapes. These sex tapes are 'leaked' to the press who make them public.

Also things like movies and television shows were able to recorded and broadcast after the invention of the video camera or movie camera.
The first video camera was invented in 1891 by Thomas Edison
Camera's have various components that are involved in creating an image of an object. In fact, camera's involve quite a few "lens elements". Each element involves re-directing the paths of light in order to create the image of an object as accurately as possible. An images angle of view is determined by the focal length. The focal length also determines how much the object will be magnified.Wide angle lenses have a short focal length, while telephoto lenses have longer corresponding focal lengths. The magnification is controlled by two lens properties: the focal length and the focusing distance. The closer one can focus, the more magnification a given lens will be able to produce. This is similar to a longer focal length. A longer focal length (more zoom) achieves a higher magnification, even if the minimum focusing distance remains the same. One can get different lenses to suit what kind of picture they want to take. Camera's use various diverging lenses to completely capture a photo in time. These lenses use reflection and refraction to create a virtual image as accurately as possible. With the lenses at different thicknesses, light rays get refracted and reflected until it reaches the film. In some cases, the film could only have one or two good photos out of 4 or 5 photos.
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Light particles called photons exit the source and enter the camera after bouncing of an object. After traveling through a series of diverging lenses, it goes through the aperture of the camera. The aperture acts like the iris of an eye. This controls the amount of light that the photographer allows in. it is also called the camera diaphragm.

After going through the aperture, the light rays hit a mirror and reflect up into the view finder. Before it hits the view finder, it goes through a prism to turn the image around. when the photographer is ready, they will hit the capture button to take the photo. This trips the shutter and allows the photo to be taken.
This is a group of photojournalist taking pictures of a track and field event.
How Digital Camera's Work
This is a picture of a photgrapher
making sher
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