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ashton bilbo

No description

Angela Altazan

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of ashton bilbo

Ashton Bilbo
the people who
smashed their


the story was on the news for people who watched the news.
Bethany was a surfer.
Bethany Hamilton:her barriar was when she was 13 her arm was bit off by a tiger shark.She was a surfer
Tom Dempsey:he was born without toes on his right foot.He played football.
Wilma Rudolph:she was born with prematurely meaning she was less than she needs too.her sport was track.
Simon Keith:had to survive a heart transplant.
Michael Oher:his home was broken and he had to switch schools a lot and his dad was murdered.
James Cleveland Owens:He has difrent color skin so people don't like him.
Bethany Hamilton

since she lost her arm her story has been read through out many medias of the world.
One piece of evidence is that her book was sold all over the world so lots of people read the amazing book.
tons of people were at the area it happend so people saw the shark.
there is a movie made about her in 2011.
Tom Dempsey
Opinions Evidence
he liked to hit people
Dempsey didn't care if he was seen hitting people
Dempsey loved to hit people on the football feild
when a person on thier team was knocked out they would ask him to do the teeth rattling hit.
Bethany Hamilton
Tom Dempsey
she lived her life with out a arm
her arm was bit off by a 14 foot tiger shark.
They both broke a barriar.
Tom is a football player.
he was born with out a toe
Tom was a kicker for the team
nether of them gave up
Both have a movie about them
The name of the movie is the blind side
He has a book named the blind side
the movie is called soul surfer
They both have a book
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