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No description

Maria Zamudio

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of THE KITE RUNNER

HOSSEINI.. THE AUTHOR: General Bibliography His Family Childhood What Inspired Him to Write This Book Reception And Controversies Foundation Interview to the author BY : Laura Matamoros
Juliana Turriago
Maria Fernanda Zamudio Bibliography.... • 1965, Kabul, Afghanistan.

• 1976: Family translated and 1980: returning desires, instead, Political Asylum.

• Life as a student: Universities: Biology and medicine Degree.

• Life as a doctor: 1996- 2004

• Writer and doctor, The Kite Runner.

• 2006: Goodwill envoy to UNHCR ( United Nations)

• Humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan.

• He now lives in northern California • 2004: South African Book Prize

• 2005: Best Seller in USA

• Reading Group Book of the Year (2006- 2007)

• The Kite Runner has been accused of hindering (Obstructing) Western understanding of the Taliban.

• The American Library Association, one of the most challenged books. Oldest of 5 children
His parent´s professions.
Lived in 4 different countries
In the USA, situation improved
Need to succeed.
Two children: Haris and Farah • Born and raised in Kabul
• Wazir Akbar Khan- cultivated, Cosmopolitan atmosphere
• Father diplomat / mother teacher
• 5-6: Tehran
• Back to Kabul
•Nomadic childhood
•Treasures of classical poetry
•movies from India and the United States
•enjoyed the sport of kite fighting
l •Relationship with Hosseini Khan
•Grew up in this pre-soviet war Kabul
•Same kind of [socio-economic] background
•Same school
•Writer at a very young age
•Loved flying kites with friends in Kabul
•Immigrant experiences
•Scenes of the book are related to his life. http://thebestnotes.com/booknotes/Kite_Runner/Kite_Runner05.html
http://www.khaledhosseini.com/hosseini-bio.htm Humanitarian Assistance
Shelter, economic and education opportunities.
Healthcare for women and children.
Products they sell.
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