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A Streetcar Named Desire

No description

Melissa Carmona

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar
Named Desire

Risa Ata
Brian Avant
Melissa Carmona
Brenda Quijada

Given Circumstances
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana in Elysian Fields between the L&N tracks & the river
In the Middle of the City, a poor area.
Climate: Hot & Warm
Date & Year: Early May, Late 1940s
Season: Spring, Summer, and early Fall
Blanche DuBois
: Related to Stella Kowalski, used to run the plantation & was an English school teacher
Social Rank
: Poor/ Low class
: Poor and homeless.
: Freelance
: Believes in Astrology & Literature.
: Educated, from Mississippi, raised in the Aristocratics southern world, embrases literature
Stanley Kowalski
: Married to Stella Kowalski, brother-in-law of Blanche
Social Rank: Working Class
Economics: Lower class, poor.
Politics: Believes America is the greatest country. Believes women are like property and are there to serve men.
Religion: Misogynistic
Culture: Uneducated, engineer.
Stella Kowalski
: Sister of Blanche, married to Stanley, housewife, and mother to be.
Social Rank
: Lower class but was raised in higher class
: Poor
: Housewife
: Family above all else.
: Educated
: friends with Stanley and Stella. Works at the engineering corps.
Social Rank
: Working Class
: Poor
: Believes that men should care and be more careful with women
: Believes in God
: not really educated
Meaning of the Title
: A Streetcar Named Desire means they are all trying to live in a world of desires. Blanche was pulled in by desire of sex after her husband's death that led to her bad reputation causing her to start new but that desire eventually died after Stanley raped her. Stella is with Stanley based on only desire making her live in a horrible situation at home.
Idea (Cont)
Overall Point
: A desire can put you in a bad position and wil eventually die. The longer you desire the more bad a situation can get for you.
From this play we learned that reality is in escapable. We learn that sex driven desires and actions ultimately will end badly either through death or downfall of some kind.
Philosophical Statement
: Our interpretation is that our desires is a way to escape reality.
" Yes, yes magic! I try to give that to people. I do misrepresent things to them. I don't tell the truth I tell what ought to be true, and if that's a sin than let me be dammed for it. Don't turn the light on "
Blanche Act 3 Scene 3
The streetcar named Desire represents everyone's sexual desire
The Coronas = death that will come soon
The Meat= Misogynistic world
Lantern Light= The past Blanche is trying to hide
Blanche's White Clothes & Stain= purity and innocence. The stain is impurity.
Bathing= Cleanse from Blanche's past impurity.
Dramatic Action
Inciting Incident
: Blanche gets fired from her teaching job and kicked out of Laurel.

Stella and Stanley are living in New Orleans.

: Blanche arrives at the Kowalski's house.

4. Protagonist
: Blanche
5. Antogonist
: Stanley
Crisis for each Act/Scene
Act I Scene I
Blanche arrives at Stella and Stanley's house.
Blanche tells Stanley Belle Reve was lost.
Blanche meets Stanley for the first time.
Act I Scene II
Stanley suspects that Blanche cheated Stella out of money.
Stanley tells Blanche Stella is having a baby.
Act I Scene III
Blanche meets Mitch.
Stanley hits Stella.
Act I Scene IV
Stanley hears Blanche tell Stella to leave him.
Act II Scene I:
Stanley questions Blanche about The Hotel Flamingo.
Blanche expresses concerns about her future with Mitch.
Act II Scene II:
Blanche tells Mitch about her late husband.
Blanche and Mitch decide to get married.
Act III Scene I:
Stanley tells Stella and Mitch about how Blanche got fired.
Act III Scene II:
Stanley gives Blanche a bus ticket back to Laurel.
Act III Scene III
Blanche confesses her past to Mitch.
Mitch calls off the wedding.
Act III Scene IV:
Staley rapes Blanche.
Act III Scene V
Blanche is taken away to a mental hospital.
Major Crisis Moment:
When Stanley gives Blanche her bus ticket.
: Stanley rapes Blanche.
Return to Stasis:
Blanche is taken away and Stanley plays poker with his friends.
Active Spine
: All characters are trying to live in their desires.
Dramatic Conflict
: Blanche, Stella, and Stanley each try to fulfill their desires while living together.

Being raised in the south at a plantation and also because she worked as a high school English teacher before she has a very high education compared to any of the characters. Because of this she talks mostly in elevated languages and polysyllabic words. Due to her high education, she has many ways to express her feelings by word. She uses many metaphors and poetic expressions to show her emotion to the other characters. She considers talking as a tool to charm people and to flirt with them. She feels confident when she is able to talk in elevated language and it helps her escape to a safe part inside her mind.
From his accent, it is possible to assume that he ha been raised in the urban area. From the single syllabic words and informal language he uses, it is obvious that he did not have much education while growing up, therefore he tends to speak very straight forward because he doesn't have enough vocabulary like Blanche to talk in a metaphoric way. The word he uses shows his aggressiveness and wildness. Also his action speaks as his emotion. Since he doesn't have a lot of vocabulary to express his feelings in words he expresses it through action. Because of this he becomes frustrated and upset of the way Blanche talks. It makes him feel like he is not as good as her when he believes he is one in charge around.
Stella is capable of using formal words like Blanche since she grew up in a plantation in the south but, because of the environment she lives in, she talks mostly in informal language, and uses mostly single syllabic words. She also switches her manner depending on whom she is talking to. When she talks to Stanley she uses more informal language like him but when she talks with Blanche she talks more literal. When she talks to Mitch she talks politely but not as literal.
Not educated as Stella and Blanche but shows appreciation towards liberal arts more than Stanley. Appreciates Blanche's educated background. He speaks more in a informal language like Stanley however he has a more gentlemen manner and more polite than Stanley. He shows respect towards Stella, Blanche, and talks to them as if he is talking to a lady until he finds out Blanche's past.
Audience's Feelings:
They should feel disturbed, mad, and anxious.
Dark & Dangerous
Mischevious, Determined, and Paranoid.
Tension & Suspense
Rythm & Tempo
Everytime Stanley enters the scene the rythm and tempo builds up and intensifies.
Society: The residence of the building know each other very well. Men are in charge of house affairs.
Economics: United States after WWII. There are jobs and an increase in wealth even in poor areas.
Politics: Harry Truman (President)
Religion: Believed in God, America.
External Environments
Background Story
Modern Technique
Blanche's past is revealed little by little throughout the play. Stanley is the one who goes out of his way to destroy Blanche. He has no time for her illusions and wants the truth and he gets it out of her. The play slowly reveals parts of the background story.
Background Story
Past Events
Responsible for the death of her young husband; this tragic event has affected her entire life.
Gave herself to men, including one of her students.
Fired from her job.
Lost the DuBois mansion which eventually led her to stay with her sister, Stella.
What does this say about her?
Blanche is not truthful, she attempts to portray herself as a cultured lady.
She is different from the type of person she would like everybody else to think she is.
Background Story
Character Descriptions:
"You didn't know Blanche as a girl... Nobody, nobody, was tender and trusting as she was" -
Stella Act III Scene 2
"All this squeamishness she puts on!... But Sister Blanche is no lily!" -
Stanley Act III Scene 1
Stanley feels Blanche is untrustworthy.
Stella sees Blanche as a fragile & tender sister.
Mitch feels betrayal from Blanche.
Blanche feels ashamed of her past. The guilt she carried led to her desires. This affects her desire in order to seek distraction by sleeping with other men & drinking.
Background Story
Past Events:
Stanley was a master sergeant, making him a leader and the need to feel like he is the one in charge.
What does this say about him?
It says that Stanley is used to being obeyed and that he is a straighforward type of guy.
Background Story
Character Descriptions:
"He acts like an animal, has an animal's habits!... There's even something sub-human something not quite to the stage of humanity yet!'
- Blanche Act I Scene 4
Stella feels like she has to put up with Stanley's animal habits, but at the same time she is kind of thrilled by it.
Blanche strongly dislikes Stanley and feels like he is not worthy for Stella.
Mitch understand how Stanley acts, he is used to it.
Stanley feels proud of his masculinity.
Feels like he's a king and this affects his desire by having the way it used to be with Stella before Blanche entered the picture.
If something or someone stands in his way he feels the need to strike back.
Background Story
Past Events:
Stella left Mississippi including her sister, Blanche, during her late teens.
Stella marries Stanley Kowalski, she is torn between them two.
What does this say about her?
She is constantly struggling choosing between her sister and her husband.
In the end she is in disbelief with Blanche and sides with Stanley.
Background Story
Character Description:
"NO?- I'd forgott how quiet you are."
- Blanche Act I Scene I
Stanley is passionate to Stella, he feels happy with her. He then worries that her attitude toward him might change.
Blanche cares for Stella and constantly worries for her, she wants to change Stella's feelings towards Stanley.
Mitch respects and cares for Stella.
Stella feels indecisive on whom to take sides with.
She feels like she is the one who must bring peace.
She is forthright and unapologetic about her relationship with Stanley, thus affecting her desire of refusing to let anything come between her and her husband.
Background Story
Blanche DuBois
Super Objective
: Find a suitable husband that will love her and provide for her to escape her past, but Stanley is not letting her.
: Her inner strength is weak. She knows what she is doing is bad but she still gives into tempation, she will give in to desire.
Moral Stance
: She is not honest with others or herself but her values are somewhat higher than most. She tries to believe her lies and feels the need to protect Stella from Stanley.
Summary Adjectives
: Delicate, Fragile, Fancy, Sparkling, Glamorous, Educated, Smart, Arrogant, Vain.
Others Say
: She is good innocent person with aristocratic charm. Others say she is crazy, a liar, and dirty.
Self Image
: Sees herself as someone who is fragile, but well educated and a poet.
Personality Trait:
Arrogant, smart, feebly
Polar Attitudes
: Starts off as a person who is highly energized and educated southern girl trying to start new to a broken person who is mentally ill.
Choice of Words
: Indifference, antiquity, cultivated, quaint, feebly, uncavalier.
Choice of Phrase:
"I never was hard or sell-sufficient enough. When people are soft--soft people have got to shimmer and glow-- they've got to put on soft colors, the colors of butterfly wings, and put a-- paper lanter onver the light... It isn't enought to be soft. You've got to be soft and attractive. And I--I'm fading now! I don't know how much longer I can turn the trick" - Act III
"Oh, I hope candles are going to glow in his life and I hope that his eyes are going to be like candles, like two blue candles lighted in a white cake!" - Act III
Blanche wears extravagant clothing. Aristocratic clothes with fur coats and long white dresses. She feels like a princess when she wears those clothes and tries to get compliments out of them.
Stanley Kowalski
Super Objective
: Go back to the way it was with Stella, but Blanche is preventing this by being in their house and telling Stella bad things about him.
: His inner strength is strong. He will puch to the full limit to get what he wants.
Moral Stance
: Not honest with others and his values are low. He is not afraid to tell someone directly how he feels and will act on it. He will scare, beat, and rape just to show he has the power and strength to do it.
Summary Adjectives
: Aggressive, Mean, Cynical, Rude, Sarcastic, Selfish, Handsome, Strong, Dirty, Vulgar, Stupid.
Others Say
: He is aggressive, rude, dangerous, mean, handsome, and stupid.
Self Image
: Sees himself as man of the house. Superior to others especially women. Handsome guy.
Personality Traits
: Stupid, vulgar, rude, cynical, aggresive
Polar Attitude
: Stanley does not change in the play. He is always mean to the women and other people since the beginning.
Choice of Words
: Straightforward talk. Elementary talk and little words that get to the point. For example: Naw, hoity-toity, th'phone
Choice of Phrase:
"Set down! I've got th' dope on your big sister, Stella."
"Remember what Huey Long said-- 'Every Man is a King!' And I am the king around here, so don't forget it!"
He wears his navy blue jeans and work clothes. He wears muscle shirts, occasionally he will wear his bowling shirt.
Stella Kowalski
Super Objective
: Get Blanche and Stanley to get along but their opposite personalities are getting in the way and conflicting.
: Her inner strength is weak. She won't really push to get what she wants.
Moral Stance
: She is honest with others and her values are high. She will usually compromise.
Summary Adjectives
: Fragile, pregnant, loving, caring.
Others Say
: She is a pushover and in love with Stanley
Self Image
: Sees herself as a good wife who loves her husband and her sister. A understanding woman.
Personality Trait:
understanding, nice, kind, compassionate, dependant, loving.
Polar Attitude:
She is a pushover in the beginning of the play and lets Stanley walk all over her. Towards the middle of the play she starts talking back to Stanley and calling his names. At the end she goes back to Stanley.
Choice of Words:
Uses simpler words to Stanley but uses more intelligent words to Blanche. For example: morale, remotely, practical, morbid, contemptible.
Choice of Phrase:
"Nobody I know how it helps your morale just having a little pocket-money on you" - Act II
"Oh, well, it's his pleasure, like mine is movies and bridge. People have got to tolerate each other's habits, I guess" - Act II
Wears dresses that are not extravagant like Blanche but more poorer looking.
Super Objective
: Marry a woman before his mother dies but insecurities are preventing him.
: Inner strength is weak. He won't really take initiative on a date.
Moral Stance
: He is honest with others and his values are high, will usually compromise.
Summary Adjectives
: Caring, Gentlemen, Heavy, Big, Nice
Others Say
: He's a gentlemen and nice.
Self Image
: Sees himself as a good man who will respect a woman but is not attractive.
Personality Trait
: Shy, gentlemen, timid
Polar Attitude
: Mitch is a gentleman through most of the play until he finds out Blanche is a prostitute and confronts her about it and he gets sort of aggressive.
Choice of words
: Speaks informal words with Stanley and his friends, but uses a gentleman's approach of words with the women.
Choice of Phrase:
" I am ashamed of the way I perspire. My shirt is sticking to me."
"You may teach school but you're cetainly not an old maid"
- Act I
Wears work clothes and suits to always cover him up.
Possible Casting
Nicole Kidman
Alex Pettyfer
Anna Kendrick
Jason Segel
Past Events:
He used to date a girl who died (She gave him the silver cigar case).
Devotes his life to his ill mother.
What does this say about him?
It says the he is a gentle and kind man.
Respects women
Capable to understand those around him
Sensitive and a Gentleman
Character Descriptions:
That one seems- superior to the others." - Blanche Act I Scene 3
Blanche feels like she needs Mitch for her to escape the hostility of her environment.
Stanley feels concerned for his friend; he doesn't want him to marry Blanche because she manipulates people easily and because she is a prostitute.
Mitch, himself feels like a fool for believing Blanche, that she is the one for him. He feels alone.
This affects his desire of wanting to be with someone, he can't pursue it because Blanche lied to him and betrayed him.
World of the Play/ Mis-en-scene
The set would have a dirty/poor look to it. As if the apartment was owned from someone with a low income. It must have the atmosphere of decay.
"You ought to lay off his liquor. He says you been lapping it up all summer like a wild cat!" -Mitch
Act III Scene 3
"So I could twist the broken end in your face!" - Blanche
Act III Scene 4
"Oh you want some rough house! All right, let's have some rough house!" - Stanley
Act III Scene 4
It must have an upstairs, downstairs, interior, and exterior, in order for the audience to watch two scenes at once.
The lighthing must be warm in the beginning, but towards the end it should have dark blue colors. Very little lighting and the costumes must fit with the time and setting of the play. They should wear summer (Stella), work (Stanley & Mitch), and elegant (Blanche) clothing.
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