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The Fundamental 5

Given the 5 critical elements to quality instruction, let's take a look at the most crucial of the 5 to implement in your classroom first!

Kyle Seipp

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of The Fundamental 5

The Fundamental 5 by Sean Cain & Mike Laird Reflect back:

Think about your ideal classroom.
(Or your best day of instruction).

What were the characteristics
of your class that day? What actions did you
have to take to make this
classroom possible? Frame the Lesson Frequent Small-Group, Purposeful Talk (about learning) Write Critically 1.Framing the Lesson 2. Work in the Power Zone 3. Frequent Small-Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning 4. Recognize and Reinforce 5. Write Critically Looking at this list of the Fundamental 5, which do you think is the most important factor of quality instruction? 1.Framing the Lesson 2. Work in the Power Zone 3. Frequent Small-Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning 4. Recognize and Reinforce 5. Write Critically What if...

What if I told you that 3 of the 5
are more important than
the others, thus making them
more critical to focus on for your own

Would you agree with me on the 3
that I selected? Which is the better Lesson Frame? (and Why?) TLWBAT: Use Benchmarks
to order fractions that
are between 0 and 1. Today, we will discuss how using benchmarks
can help order fractions. I will create an example list of fractions
between 0 and 1 and explain to my
parents how to use benchmarking to order them. VS. ...then what are the elements of a Lesson Frame? Concrete Objective Closing Product Instruction that is focused on
a specific and deliberate
Mathematical goal.

Instruction that
allows for the focus of
Teachable Moments.

Instruction that helps focus
student relevance and
primary material. Turn - N - Talk What are the teacher benefits to a strong Lesson Frame? What are possible
student benefits to a
strong Lesson Frame? A lesson frame is not... In my class, I will implement
using a Lesson Frame by... Helpful Hints from the Authors: Develop the closing product first and then work backwards. Place the Lesson Frame (Concrete Objective and Closing Product) in the same location everyday. Make location universal to all classrooms. "Classroom Instruction that Works"
outlines 3 instructional practices that
lend themselves to support critical writing.

identifying similarities and differences
note taking The supporting research says that: ...can increase student performance 31 - 46 % points. ...can increase student performance 23 - 47 % points. ...can increase student performance 13-44 % points. How does critical writing
impact Rigor and/or Relevance? Questions to ponder: Does critical writing have to
be assessed? Possible critical writing activity? Students, who think critically use writing as an important tool both for communicating ideas and for learning... to deepen their understanding of important concepts and to clarify interrelationships between concepts... they use writing as an important tool for learning ideas deeply and permanently. Paul and Elder, 2006 IF... ...THEN... ...what are some student benefits to writing critically? ...what are some teacher benefits in having students write critically? ...what is required to establish critical writing in my class? Lesson frame:
Concrete Objective - Today, we will explore the relationship between evaluating expressions and solving equations. R.A.F.T. Role Audience Format Theme Helpful Hints from the Authors: Some question stems (from FSGPT) and writing prompts are interchangeable. Many writing prompts can be
re-used throughout the year. A quality, short piece of writing is
often more powerful than a long
rambling piece. Closing Product - Elements of FSGPT: Frequency Group Size Seed Question Power Zone Primacy and Recency Questions to consider: What is the student benefit to FSGR? What is the student teacher benefit to FSGR? "...in a learning episode , we tend to remember best that which comes first and remember second best that which comes last. We tend to remember least that which comes just past the middle." -Sousa, 2001 Lesson Frame: Concrete Objective Closing Product pop
blah Important:
A state change can reset the attention span clock so what? S of C Inst. E of C S of C E of C Inst. Inst. Discussion P R P P R R R P Helpful Hints from the Authors: Pre-plan break points. Use a timer. Stay in the Power Zone during discussions. End the discussions when the student talk begins to be less purposeful. Recycle your question stems. What must I do to make this happen in my class? Learning occurs as the result of a deliberate
and appropriate instructional decision made by the teacher. Kyle Seipp
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