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LGBT ≠ Same

No description

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of LGBT ≠ Same

"Bi now, gay later" - Bisexuality is merely a bridge to homosexuality
Around 15% of people don't beleive bisexuality exists
Exclusion largely due to myths perpetuated by both homosexual and heterosexual individuals.

The LGBT community is cohesive and politically aligned
Possible Factors Leading to Bi Exclusion
Homo/heterosexual desire for "stability"
Bisexuality challenges the meaning of gender
stereotype that bisexual individuals cannot be monogamous
insecurity from the L community
bisexuality represented as a “fad” in pop culture
Harmful effects of Bisexual Exclusion/Biphobia
“A meta-analysis of various studies found that bisexual people face a higher risk of mental health problems— such as depression, anxiety, self harm, and suicidal thinking— than even gays and lesbians. This is because people who are bi face distinct forms of stereotypes and exclusion that come from both the straight and gay communities”
“Biphobia needs to be separated from homophobia in order to recognize the specific issues that bisexual individuals face- “lack of acknowledgment of their existence, stereotypes of greediness or promiscuity, and pressure to be either gay or straight.”
Against Equality:
Queer Challenges to the Politics of Inclusion
organization within the LGBT movement that actively opposes marriage equality

they find it exclusive to those not wanting to participate in marriage and an engagement in hetero privilege
“gay marriage increases economic inequality by perpetuating a system which deems married beings more worthy of the basics like health care and economic rights”
Disagreement with the Future of the LGBT Movement and the Emphasis on Marriage
Word Clouds survey response--individuals were asked what they thought the current goals were for the LGBT movement and asked what the ideal movement would look like
“Our community is bigger and broader than the current vision— and if we recognize that—I think we will only build more power and more voices for equality.”--anonymous respondent
Marriage Equality as the
“Grassroots Base”
within all movements lies the key goal or base that provides the “political will” for change--in the LGBT rights movement it’s marriage equality
”A strong grassroots base keeps the movement rooted in the expression of those individual and collective issues”
BUT some find the marriage equality base restrictive and want to advocate more broader issues of social justice which aren’t necessarily policy focused
It's Ok trans people, just wait your turn
- Less General Acceptance: 59% of Americans say “Transgendered [sic] students should use the bathrooms/locker rooms of their preferred gender.”(CBS News)
- Human Rights Campaign: supported anti-discrimination bill that didn’t include transgender and silenced activists
Trans women have been barred from feminist & LGB spaces
Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival kicked out trans woman
Women’s colleges (Wellesley, Smith, Bryn Mawr, Simmons, Barnard, Mt.Holyoke,Texas Woman’s University) only recently decided this to let in trans women
(Ambiguous or exclusive of trans men)

DSM-5: gender dysphoria:
-Homosexuality no longer psychological condition (1974)

-need it in order to get money for body modifications
LGBT Refugees Vs. LGBT asylum Seekers
Refugees Are Given Protection Under 5 Grounds:

Political Opinion
Social Group Association

LGBT Community has counted as Social Group since 1990
Asylum seeker- Someone who is looking for refuge.

Refugee- Someone who has been given refuge. More than likely will be provided Legal Permanent Residency.
Conditions Faced by LGBT Members Refugees in Country of Origin
Considered “least desirable” people in their country.
Gay marriage may be approved in a nation, but that doesn’t mean anything
● If you want to marry in Mexico as an LGBT couple you will have to petition for it and you will not get the same health insurance or household benefits as cisgender heterosexual couples. Benefits only granted to people who are LGB, not T.
There is hope for LGBT in the U.S. as Refugees.
Whats the Problem?
There are Approx. 267,000 LGBT Undocumented Immigrants living in the U.S.
Political Differences: Focus of Importance:
Same category (asylum seekers), escaping similar persecutions, but based how the U.S. protects them or doesn’t protect them, their political focus on their “pursuit of happiness” will differ.
Asylum Seekers Getting Deported: Lethal Conditions and Harms.
Refugees: LGBT Persecution and Mistreatment in the United States.

High chance that their political views will never meet or align.

Alternatives to LGBT?
LGBTQ, adding “queer” to “LGBT” since “queer” has been used as an umbrella term to include all non-heterosexual and non-cisgender people.
GSM ("Gender & Sexual Minorities”) and GSRM ("Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities")

GSD ("Gender and Sexual Diversity")
Controversially Includes asexual people as well as BDSM, polyamorists, and swingers.

Hold that lesbians and gays should form a separate community that is distinct from other groups associated with LGBT. (separating from BT)

The End
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