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buisness project

No description

Judd Robertson

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of buisness project

Ipad & Tech 2014
Business Project
Start-up costs

Start-up costs information (land, labor, capital, Advertising) Give Estimated prices for each of your costs, then create a total. Also tell how are you going to Pay to start your business.

At least 20 items: The more detailed/realistic the more points will be earned for this section.
Objective: Students will create a business by using the iPads to research, develop a business plan, advertisement, and a presentation.
worth 80pts Due 2/11/14
Business Plan
Start-up Costs

*Paper describing your business in details should include1 page (typed 12pts font, double spaced)

• Name of your business,

• Location, and why you choice it(actually address use maps application)

• Why you want to start this type of business

• Detailed description of services or good provided.

• Any basic store operation Info,(Schedules, how many workers, specials)

• How you plan to advertise

• Unique or special information about your business.
Business Plan
your advertisement could be a Commercial, radio announcement, Posters, Flyers, or Broachers,)

graded based on creativity, neatness, and effort.
Suggested Apps: Animoto, Pic Collage,
Suggested Apps: Evernote, Google Drive, Notepad, brainstorming apps such as Simple mind/Wallwisher,skriv
Suggested Apps: Evernote,
Google Drive, Notepad,skriv
must include key information from buisness plan,start-up costs as well as advertisment
well prepared,
used Ipad effectively,
Spoke Clearly,
included all information,
taken seriously.
Suggested Apps: Prezi, Haiku deck,
Total points: 20
Total points: 20
Total points: 20
Total points: 20
Choose partners and brainstorm an idea for a business
By the end of the hour hand in your business idea along with who is in your group.
When this is handed in your may get out Ipads to begin researching

Business Project
•If you could start any business what would it be?
•What products or services would you provide?

iPads & Technology 1/31/14
on the back of the directions answer the following questions
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