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Copy of JCCD Annual Report 2014

No description

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of JCCD Annual Report 2014

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Mankato Auto Body
New JCCD website was launched
202 Facebook Likes
2014 Annual Report
January 2014
February 2014
Began working with Esbon about funding opportunities for the old fire station
Assisted individuals with the ROZ program in Jewell County
220 Facebook Likes
March 2014
Held Facebook class at the Mankato Library
Attended Big Rural Brainstorm in Newton, KS
Worked with area business on their marketing efforts
251 Facebook Likes
April 2014
Esbon sent out surveys for the HAT
Leadership Mitchell County graduation in Hunter, KS
May 2014
Assisted area business with funding opportunities
Judge at Rock Hills Youth Fair
June 2014
The Scoop in Jewell reopened by new owner Cynthia Traump
July 2014
Apartment renovations began above Hidden Treasures Quilt Shop in Mankato
Dan Hanson started Quality Heating and Cooling business that serves Mankato and the surrounding areas
Randall Farmers Coop Union began an expansion at the Randall location
August 2014
NEK-CAP held in information meeting at Buffalo Roam as part of their new service area in Jewell County
September 2014
Housing duplexes broke ground in Mankato near the Jewell County Hospital
October 2014
Jewell County was approached by Solomon Valley Transportation about starting transportation services for Jewell County residents
Started talks with a major retailer for location in Jewell County
November 2014
December 2014
• Started working with Jewell County Hospital to sell their tax credits
• Made up table tents for a new County-wide initiative
• Worked on housing funding options to develop apartments in Jewell
• J&H Service in Esbon retirement succession
• Prepared year-end report of the great things that happened in Jewell County this year
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