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Why Develop a Leadership Credo Anyway...?

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Sabrina Szteinbaum

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Why Develop a Leadership Credo Anyway...?

Before Developing a Leadership Credo...
A person must decide
what type
of leader they want to be.

"Transactional leadership is seen as involving an exchange between the leader and the follower ... (Ruben, 9).

"Transformational leadership is described as a circumstance wherein leaders create a shared sense of purpose ... focusing on shared interests ... (Ruben, 9).
Okay so now...how do we go about developing our credo?
What is this 'credo' we have talked so much about?
With that definition, a leadership credo describes one's set of beliefs regarding leadership style, or the qualities it takes to be an effective and impactful leader.
Why Develop a Leadership Credo Anyway ... ?
Why Develop a Leadership Credo Anyway...?
"The purpose of a leadership credo is to allow you to communicate your personal values as they manifest in your role as a leader in a way that engages the hearts and minds of others." - Kate Nugent, leadership coach.
Now that we know what a credo is, WHY should we bother having one?
According to Cummings, a credo acts as a sort of compass in our "noisy world."

A developed credo helps us align our actions with our beliefs.

First, we have to understand the qualities that make a great leader...
Roselinde Torres talks about leaders who see around corners, shaping their futures, leaders who abandon practices which made them successful in the past and step outside of what's familiar.
Before Developing a Leadership Credo...
A person must understand the importance of their credo...
"By writing a personal credo, we’re forced to clarify our beliefs in the context of our lives."
- Kellie Cummings

Why bother having a credo...continued...
My leadership credo is communication, trustworthiness and the ability to motivate.
This credo has helped me streamline my values so I can focus on being the best leader I can be.
It breaks leadership down and makes being a leader less overwhelming by giving me specific qualities to work on.
How the credo helped my group...
Sharing our own personal credos with each other offered perspective. I value certain traits more than others, but the others opened my mind to the traits they valued more than mine and why.
Being able to have that conversation about what kinds of leaders we want to be individually helped broaden my mind to the true variety of leaders that exist.
How my credo will help me in the future...
Developing this credo has given me three key aspects of leadership I will focus on. It's given me three aspects that I can work to fine tune throughout my professional life.
My credo will help my career in journalism because journalism is 110% about communication, and without those skills, one cannot be a journalist...
How my credo will help me in the future...
As a journalist, I also have to establish myself as trustworthy so that sources won't hesitate to speak with me and give me the information I need.
Lastly, at some point I may become a 'higher up' in my field, and it will be my job to use all of my knowledge and experience to motivate those just starting out.
After understanding what makes a great leader in general...
We have to decide the values that are most important to us.
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