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Mr. Dunphy Ad Analysis example

Ad Techniques

Jae Dunphy

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Mr. Dunphy Ad Analysis example

MEDIA LITERACY DVF Clothing Line Snob Appeal Technique Glittering Generalities Advertising & Analyzing Portfolio What is the product? The product is Pop chips. Who is the
target audience ? The ad targets fans of Katy Perry, girls aged 12-40, who like to eat potato chips. They are also targeting people who may think they need to lose weight or eat healthier. Advertising Techniques Endorsement (Katy Perry, Pop Star)
Slogan ("Love. Without the handles."
Call to action ("Think popped!") http://www.dvf.com/Leather/mh-leather,default,sc.html What is the product introduced? DVF Clothing Line Who is the target audience of the advertisement? Age- Young Adult and Adult : Gender - Female : Economic Status - High : Interest- beauty and fashion What lifestyle may the consumer have? The consumer would have a high status life, and plenty of money to spend on material items. Think highly of their body image. Advertising Technique? Snob appeal, scale, and card stacking What is the product introduced? Sarah Mclachlan for the ASPCA Who is the target audience of the ad? Age - Young Adult, Adult Gender - Both Economic Status - Middle & Higher classes Interest - Pets and Sympathy Advertising Technique? Card stacking, testimonial, repitition, heart strings, and sounds good How effective do you feel the ad is? Would you buy the product based on the ad? Why? I find the ad effective, and I'd pay the 60 cents a day for the animals in need. Why, because as a viewer I feel bad for the animals that have been abused, and I know I can do something by donating. What is the product? The ad is for Dreams Unlimited, a vacation company. They are marketing a trip to Disney World. Advertising Techniques
Used: Plain folk, Bandwagon, Glittering generalities, Scale, and Family Fun/ Excitment Who is the target audience? The target audience is probably middle to upper class parents. The parents' children are probably in elementary school. A parent may see this ad and feel that they will make their children happy by taking them to Disney World. How effective do you find the ad? Would you buy the product? Why? I find it effective because it makes you think that your dreams will come true if you travel to Disney World. All the family members look like they're having a great time. Mickey Mouse's face and the Disney castle remind us of the popular Disney movies and TV shows. We associate Disney with wholesome, safe entertainment, so we assume a vacation to Disney World would be safe for our children as well. How effective do you feel the advertisement is? Would you buy the product based on the ad? Why? The ad is effective because it makes the consumer think they can eat junk food without gaining weight ("love handles"). Katy Perry is considered fit and beautiful, and we assume she eats the product. We feel pressure to look as beautiful as her. How effective do you feel the advertisement is? Would you buy the product based on the ad? Why? I feel it's not effective, and I'd not buy the product, because you can buy the same clothes for a lower cost that do the same things and look just as good. For the consumer who might buy this product, what lifestyle or values would he/ she have? A pet lover may buy into
this commercial, and they
may have pets of their own sort that they love
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