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The Second Great Awakening

Prezi is my canvas, I am an artist.

Morgan McGann

on 22 December 2011

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Transcript of The Second Great Awakening

The Second Great Awakening
The Second Great Awakening Large denominations before Congregationalists Anglicans Large denominations after Seventh-day Adventist Church Baptists Late 18th and early 19th century religious revival Camp meetings Preacher on stage preaches to audience Appeals to everyone because anyone can be saved through camp meetings (aka Revivals) Some men went west to spread religion. Some women started working in factories to support themselves. Black people were allowed to participate
in Christianity more than ever before. Black preachers stress the idea of salvation for all. Their message was extremely important to slaves. Message extremely important to slaves. Inspired Gabriel Prosser to create a plan to rebel in Virginia in 1800. However, the plan was stopped. Neolin, the Delaware prophet, helped to spark a revival in the old northwest through a religion he introduced to the Lenape tribe. It greatly resembled Christianity. He said that it was important that the Indians defend their land. Neolin His encouragement helped inspire the Pontiac's War in 1763, which ended in a stalemate. Changed the course of American history because the Royal Proclamation, which kept the land won in the recent war with France from being part of the colonies. Most importanty, the Second Great Awakening ultimately helped make the rational thinkers that led the revolution and the new nation an even smaller minority. They were no longer just an economic minority, but they were now an even smaller intellectual minority. Women also outnumbered men in the church. All of these new denominations condemned non-traditional thought. A congregationalist church A painting of the 1801 Cane Ridge Camp Meeting There are no men. fin. Stop drinking alcohol
Participate in respectful monogamous relationships and sexual abstinence
Live by the bow and arrow
Dress selves in animal skins. Observes Saturday, the original 7th day of the Judeo-Christian week, as the sabboth.
Emphasises diet and health.
Believes there will be a second coming of Christ.
Also believes that records should be investigated to affirm who will recieve salvation. Middle ground between Catholic and Calvinist extremes.
Old and new testament contain all things necessary for salvation.
Has the Book of Common Prayer, a tie that binds Anglicans worldwide. Practice Congregationalist church governance, where every church runs itself autonomously and independently.
3 major denominations
The United Church of Christ
The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches
The Conservative Congregational Christian Conference Believer's baptism vs. Infant baptism.
Faith, scripture and practice lead to salvation.
Extremely high member count, with 100,000,000 baptists worldwide as of 2002.
9/1/1785-9/25/1872 By Morgan & Noah
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