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American Revolution


Raiya S

on 26 November 2010

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Transcript of American Revolution

American Revolution Showcase of Learning By Raiya Suleman
November 25, 2010 Quote: Colonial Context: Information about the Source Current events today Timeline Leading Up to the
American Revolution 1763 - The Royal
Proclomation Stating that the Americans couldn't expand into Natives territory Basically America's plan was to first tackle the British, and then take care of the Natives Created by Pontiac, who was the Ottawa cheif 1774 - The Quebec Act Made Quebec a British Colony American's were upset because the British let them practice religon, keep french law, and let the Canadians expand their territory *the above made them upset because originally the French were the enemies, but now ere more privileged than the Americans. Also the Americans had an assembly and the Canadians did not Its wondered whether Guy Carleton secretly "leaked" Britains plan to the Bishop of Quebec 1765 - The Stamp Act Created a tax (similar to HST to tax all most goods Came in the form of a stamo that had to be bought with each purchase Americans were upset because they knew they were being taxed without consent The Americans attacked and tarred and feathered many government people who enforced the tax The tax was repealed in 1766 July 4, 1776 - Declaration of Independance Declaration of Independance was created by many people; the main being Thomas Jeffereson, who was accompanied by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin Caused a war that lasted seven years. King George (British) enlarged his army This quote was by John Adams. It was written in the Treaty of Tripoli in 1797 The United States has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility of Muslims. What I find interesting is that the Americans, back in 1797 (which is about 20 years into their independance) are already talking about not having hatred towards Muslims. This is a common problem today, with the Iraqi wars, but for someone like John Adamsto say that over 2 centuries ago is really astonishing It's obvious that the American's perception of Islam has changed. Most no longer put "tranquility" and "Muslims" in the same sentance, the way John Adams did. The American's have extended the period for which troops will stay in Afghanistan, even though studies have shown that 92% of Afghanis don't even know what the war is about. As Liam says "But it is the freedoms that
groups of people can agree on that
change the world." And I really agree that
John Adams was a part of the group of
people who secured Freedom for the U.S.A. I think the esscence of America in 1979 was that of purity, liberty, and equality (especially when compared to America today) I really do believe John Adams believed in what he was saying in the Treaty of Tripoli. It was also a very powerful statement coming from John Adams, who was heavily involved in the Declaration of Independance, and who was also the second President of America The quote is basically implying that in John Adams mind, liberty was an idea that is true to what America believed in. He was trying to imply that everyone in America should be equal by saying that religion will be tolerated, the courts will play fair towards the law, and that they had no hatred towards anyone. Thesis: The U.S. as a child was one of purity, liberty, and equality, which evolved to a country of enmity and greed. 1797 - When John Adams wrote the following quote
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