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Walter Tull the forgotten hero

Walter tull is an british officer and also a proffesional footballer. He plays for totenham.This hero who has sacrificed his life for the british goverment has been forgetten and we need to remember him.

Permit Kapoor

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Walter Tull the forgotten hero

First black british officer Walter Tull the forgotten hero Facts about Walter Tull His full name is Walter Daniel John Tull.
Walter Tull was born on 28 April 1888.
He died on 25 March 1918.
He was born in Fokstone.
He is an English Professional Football player .
He was also an british officer.
He was 7 when his mother died

More Facts He was 10 when he went orphanage with his brother Edward.

His step mother could not cope with all the six children that is why she sent them to orphanage.

When he played he was often abused.

There was a lot of racism against him because he was black.

He married a girl from Kent . Why should we remember him? He was the first black british officer.

He sacrificed his life for the British Government.

Even though people were being racist to him he ignored it and went forward.

He was second black footballer in the world. Walter Tull Pictures
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