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Air Pollution

No description

group four

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Air Pollution

Air Pollution

You could go days without food and hours without water, but you would last only a few minutes without air. On average, each of us breathes over 3,000 gallons of air each day. You must have air to live. However, did you know that breathing polluted air can make you sick? You may think that air pollution may not be an issue, but it actually is
Why we should care
about air pollution?
Air pollution can damage trees, crops, other plants, lakes, and animals. In addition to damaging the natural environment, air pollution also damages buildings, monuments, and statues. It not only reduces how far you can see in national parks and cities, it even interferes with aviation.
Tips for teenagers reduce/prevent air pollution

Try to use public transportation as much as possible.
Car pool, bike or walk to school.
Try to buy more local products.
If you happened to buy a car, persuade your parents to buy an electric one.
Educate others about this issues and why it's important to reduce polluting the air.
Save energy :)

What Would Happen....
Air Pollution and Your Health...
Air pollution isn't only harmful for our environment, but it is also injurious to our health. Polluted air can irritate your eyes and nose, also makes it hard to breathe. Polluted air can lead to respiratory diseases, asthma, and heart diseases. Not only that, but it can also lead to skin cancer, cataracts (eye damage). Air pollution is more hazardous than we think it is.
Air Pollution and the Environment
Air pollution isn’t just a threat to our health, it also damages our environment. Toxic air pollutants and the chemicals that form acid rain can damage trees, crops, wildlife, and other bodies of water. Pollutants can also harm fish and other aquatic life.
Air pollution is a great problem in GTA too.
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