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demo reel proposition for think tank

julien boukeche

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of DEMO REEL

DEMO REEL Cycles Sound Sync Pantomime Combat Sequence
Worrior Bee Fireworks Show Atlas walk

bruce lee nunchuck cycle usain bolt run cycle gunsligner draw cycle Charlie Chaplin walk cycle
Butterfly knife
ninja cycle blending
Bodyguard walk colombo
trumpet player gun kata Big guy VS Small guy Alita monkey drummer Grandma wins the lottery
A fighter pilot is on a routine patrol mission, checking his course and flipping switches

20-10 sec a bee comes flying out from behind the pilot grabbing his flight plan, the pilot, trying to keep his cool, attmpts to swat it in vein, gently leaning on the stick, the plane rocks from side to side the fly lands on the eject button. the pilot,
about to hit the bee, pauses in thought the pilot leans in close to the fly thinking of how to get rid of it
the bee suddelny flies up right into his face
by the unexpected fright, the pilot jolts backward,
closing the goggles of the helmet trapping the bee inside.
unable to control himself, he yanks the stick sideways, sending the jet tumbling.
the characters and objects in the cockpit respond realistically to the direction of the geforce a pyro-technicien is in the process of performing his masterpiece. as the explosions ge brighter, he gets more and more excited, until he becomes borderline psychotic, laughing manically .there is firwork jury member, that progressivly gets more afriad in a news store, a grandmother scratches a lottery ticket, as if she had done the same for the past 50 years. Lifting her glasses in disbelief, she dicovers she has just one the jackpot. a walk cycle of the mighty atlas, carring the weight of the world, taking extremely heavy steps forward
Limping cycle of igor, brining some fresh brains to dr. Frankenstein
cycled animation of a single hand manipulating a buttlerfly knife
walk cycle of Charlie Chaplins famous and signiture cane walk cycle
cycled animation of a gunslger suddenly pulling out his gun, then realising there is not danger, so juggles the gun back into the holster. (cloth for trenchcoat?) And exagerated sprint cycle of the worlds fastest run
a sequence of 3 to 5 cycles for a ninja assasin character. Includes crouch sneak, standing sneak, and sprint. the animations are to be made so that they can be blended a idle position nunchuck cycle a hurried bodyguard walk, looking around for threats, placing his hand on the earpiece, and speaking into his collar. at one point he tenses up and slides his hand into his coat, but then realises there is not threat, and easens up again 15 sec 3-5 sec
3-5 sec
7-10 sec 3-5 sec
5-10 sec 5-10 1-2 sec
10-20sec 10-20 sec
10-15 sec Gun Kata is a fictional martial art involving 2 firarms. i would be to choreograph a short action sequence inspired by this, involving 4 opponenets 10-15 sec choreography of a small and very agile swordsman taking down a huge lumbering opponent swinging a club reacreat a fight scene from alita. multiple opponents 10-15 sec very violent, but will use very simple character models to take out the gore lipsync music monkey is on a stool infront of a drumkit. As soon as the drums in the music start, the monkey hammers away in perfect sync with the music, as if he were playing it
a musician is blowing out his last breath of energy for the ending climax of a very energetic swing track still need to find soundclips My Dreams Valve Bethesda Ubisoft Doublefine D.I.C.E Relic bellevue, washington stokolm sweden rockville maryland Vancouver Irrational
canberra australia Boston USA San Francisco USA montreal paris
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