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Our "Trash Trek" Project

Finding Better Ways to Manage our Trash

Bill Beadles

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Our "Trash Trek" Project

Our Project, Why we Chose It
General Info

The First Lego League is a robotics competition.
This year's theme is Trash Trek.
We are finding better ways to solve problems about trash
We are finding a way to help people get more encouraged to throw their trash in the trash can
Annika-researcher, presenter and presentation maker
Brian-presenter and programmer
Shang and George-structural designers and artists
Joshua-recorder on Scratch
Seve-structural designer
Dylan-material provider
The Problem
We notice that up to now, we see that people don't throw their trash in the garbage bin. We are trying to find a solution to this to motivate those who are lazy to throw their trash.

Here is our sketch:
Kids are motivated when they play or stay active.
Throwing your trash is actually an everyday chore.
Children can learn better when they play.
So, we used the game to encourage people to throw their trash.
FLL Theme for 2015
We decided to do an "arcade basketball game."
We added Makey-Makey, Scratch, and other programs.
We wanted to make it a educational learning experience.
We applied learning games like learning how to put trash in the right place.
Trash can basketball
What we did
Our Plan
We painted the trash can to look like a basketball hoop.
We also used Scratch and Makey-Makey.
We placed a scoring system.
Kids can score as many points as they want.
What Did we Do?
Making Throwing Trash More Fun
by: Annika, Seve, Brian, Shang, George, Dylan and Joshua

Why don't we even throw our trash?
Get people motivated!
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