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IB Visual Art HL Comparative study:

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Vedant Sharma

on 9 April 2016

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Transcript of IB Visual Art HL Comparative study:

IB Visual Art HL Comparative study:
Paul Gauguin & Vincent Van Gogh

'The market gardens of Vaugirard' by Paul Gauguin
'The market gardens of Vaugirard' by Paul Gauguin is one of the early works by Gauguin. The painting is composed of the style of impressionism. He emphasizes structure over atmospheric effect. He also displays broad areas of colour and patchy application of paint.
'The Starry Night' by Vincent van Gogh
The starry night by Vincent van Gogh is a nocturne painting of the view from van Gogh's bedroom window from the asylum he was admitted into.

The element that unites both the pieces of artwork is the use of blue and the depiction of the various light and wheather conditions.
Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin was a post-impressionist artist, french by nationality. Most of Gauguin's artworks were recognized and appreciated after his death due to his experimental use of colours differing from impressionism.
Both the artists displayed the involvment of heavy brush strokes on their paintings.

Both the artists have a two dimensional view to their paintings and show the use of bright colours such as green and yellow.

Both the paintings are similar due to the use of the technique of drawing from memory.
Vincent van Gogh displayed his mental state through his paintings and painted exclusively out of life whereas Paul Gauguin preferred drawing out of imagination.

Both the artists have a different taste of colours. Vincent van Gogh preferred blue whereas Gauguin preferred red and green.
Vincent Van Gogh artwork:
Vincent Van Gogh artwork:
Paul Gauguin Artwork
Vincent van Gogh
Vincent Van gogh was a dutch artist mainly known for his self-portraits, portraits and still life works. van Gogh had a heavy influence on 20th century art.

His work was mostly based on canvas through which he conveyed his emotional state.

Despite selling only one painting in his life, he has been one of the most famous artists.
'Irises' by Vincent van Gogh
Irisis is one of the many paintings by Vicent van Gogh. Irises is a study of life, where Vincent van Gogh focuses on the beauty of the flowers, that represent life.

The use of bright colours also talks about Van Gogh's mental state during the creation of this painting (when he lived in an asylum), and brings forth his idea of "it strikes from afar".
Japanese Woodblock printing
The market gardens of Vaugirard
The starry night
Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh were both responsible for the latter pieces of artworks due to their unique style of displaying/conveying their emotions and providing thier perspective of the world through their artworks.

Both the artists tend to use a lot of colours within their artworks and display their surroundings reall well. They also tried to expriment using different colours in some of their other artworks which led to their fame. Their styles of impressionism are also another unique part of their artworks.
In relation to my work
During my course of IB visual art, my artworks have been greatly influenced by the two artists Vincent van gogh and Paul Gauguin as I have tried to depict our surroundings through my artworks. Just as van Gogh displays his mental state through his artworks, I too have tried to display our surroundings and how we view them through our perspective. I intend to use different colours just as the two artists.
In relation to my work
The presence of dark colours throughout my artworks is quite similar to the artworks of van Gogh. A feature similar to Paul Gauguin's works is the contemporary style, used in most of my works too.
Use of dark colours
Patchy application of paint
The artwork to the left is part of my exhibition. The intended purpose of this artwork is to represent the state of mind while in a dream. I have displayed my perception of a dream, which highly relates to the thinking of van Gogh. I have also
experimented with colors, which relates to the style of Paul Gauguin, as he too experiments with colours within his artworks.
In relation to my work
As displayed in the artwork to the left, which is a part of my exhibit, I have implemented Paul Gauguin's technique of patchy application of paint for the background, and used dark colours to show Vincent van Gogh's presence.
To conclude, I would like to say that I have implemented the artistic techniques of the two chosen artists for this study, and also brought up certain changes, such as within my color palette for certain artworks and the addition of the silhouette portraiture. Just as the artists, there is a theme situated within my artworks, which is about the human brain.
Type of silhouette
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