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Abraham Beem : Child of the holocaust

A story by Jackson about Abraham Beem

Jackson S

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Abraham Beem : Child of the holocaust

Abraham Beem Birthdate and Birthplace: Early life: Death and location What I admire about Abraham: Abraham Beem was born June 13, 1934 in Leeuwareden, Holland. He was the son of a high school teacher and had one older sister named Eva. Abraham was murdered by the Nazis on February 1944 at Auschwitz death camp in Poland just a few months before his 10th birthday. I admire Abraham beacuse of the courage he had while in hiding. Knowing that the Nazis could take him and his family away at anytime. Abraham Beem was a five year old school boy when the Germans invaded Holland in May 1940. Many Jews were forced out of there businesses and banned from working. Abraham's parents decided the family would go into hiding. They felt that they could be safer posing as non-Jews in a village. Abraham and his older sister were sent to the village of Ermelo, and a Christian family, willing to risk death to save them, was found. Abraham was given a new name and identity. He was known as Jan de Witt, and he attended school along with the other children. Abraham survived in hiding for almost two years before the Nazis found him. Presentation By: Jackson S. Mrs. Buchanan : 7th Hour References: http://holocaust-children.tripod.com/beem.html

Baby Abe with his mother and sister 1935.
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