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ED SHEERAN; a visual journey

No description

Sam Michel

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of ED SHEERAN; a visual journey

Prior Knowledge
Born in the UK
23 years old
Plays guitar
First point of view
Ed Sheeran is an inspiration, and incredible musician. His lyrics are mind boggling and anyone is able to relate to them. In the book Ed says "I was broke but I was really happy." This has made me realize that happiness is everything and nothing else matters.
ED SHEERAN; A Visual Journey
1st studio album
there is more to come
Loop Pedal
how he makes beats
shows his talent
1st EP in 2005
Sings folk, acoustic, R&B, pop.
April 2010 bought a ticket to Los Angeles. Sang at a poetry night and Jamie Foxx was interested in him.
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