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George Gershwin - Composer of the Month - March

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Bronwyn Thomas

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of George Gershwin - Composer of the Month - March

George Gershwin
Modern Era

Born in 1898 in New York.
Name is actually Jacob Gershowitz. Parents were immigrants from Russia.
Was the 2nd oldest of 4 children. Would later compose with his brother Ira.
Age 10 - Started learning music. He played the piano.
Age 15 - Left school to work in
New York's "Tin Pan Alley"
Age 17 - Composed and sold his first song.
Jobs: Composed and performed piano rolls. Performed on Vaudeville.
Age 26 - Worked with brother, Ira, for the first time to compose their first musical. Also composed on his own...wrote "Rhapsody in Blue."
Age 29 - He was contracted to compose music for his first movie.
Age 37 - Composed "Porgy and Bess" a very popular folk opera.
Age 37-39: Continued to compose songs for movies and individual works.
Age 39 - Died in Hollywood from
brain cancer.
After his death, he was nominated for an Academy Award - Best Original Song for "They Can't Take That Away From Me"
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