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Big Pun


Jeremy Forester

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Big Pun

Big Punisher Grew up in the Bronx and is of Peurto Rican decent. In his rapping career he had only two albums, both
of them were widley sucessful though. He struggled with his weight his whole life
always being a very fat child. His first album was called capital punishment
which was widley succesful through the US. Capital Punishment peaked at #5 on the billboard 200 with it being the first album ever to go platinum by a latino rapper. It was nominated for a Grammy award but lost to Jay Z's Hard Knock Life Volume 2. Big Pun later joined the Rap group Terror Squad which was founded by Fat Joe. His legal issues include him and Fat Joe hitting a man with a baseball bat
and stealing his gold chain. On Feburary 7th 2000 Big Pun was staying at a hotel with family when all of a sudden he suffered a fatal heart attack and respiratory faliure. He was at his highest weight at about 698 pounds. A couple of months later Big pun's label company released his album that he was working on called Yeeeah Baby. It peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200. Even though he never was able to go into the prime of his rapping career, Big Pun is considered one of the better rappers of our time, and also one of the fatest.
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