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Yearbook Theme Idea

No description

Oliviaa C

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Yearbook Theme Idea

Yearbook Theme Ideas Olivia Clarke Vibrant Paint Splatter Colour Outside the Lines These are the moments.
These are the days to remember.
There's Two Sides.
There's A Grizzly in Every Crowd - Caption
Grizzly Tracks
Behind the name.
Our Book Our Story.
Going Green is Golden.
Big Green.
Between Two Worlds.
Colour Outside the Lines.
Grizzly Imprints
Every Shade of Green
Given To Fly Grizzly Tracks
Grizzly Imprints Every Shade of Green These are the Moments
Don't Hold Back
Driving Towards The Future
Excellence 2012 Exceeding The Limits Going Green is Golden BIG Green Exclude yourself from the Predictable
Expanding New Horizons
Expect More
Expect the Best
Experience change
Exploring New Directions
Express Yourself Experience Change
Expect More
Expect Better Colour Outside the Lines From BLUEPRINTS to footprints A picture is worth 2012 words
Destination 2012, bring it on!
2012 and beyond
Leading the pack into 2013
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