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No description

Matthew Hayes

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of TKE -BP

Thank you for your attention!
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Beta Rho Chapter

Tau Kappa Epsilon is the largest
College fraternity in the world
Over 270,000men
The reason being the values
that our instilled into us
by our founding fathers
Great Leaders
Ronald Reagan
40th president of
the U.S.A.
Steve Forbes
President & CEO
of Forbes Inc.,
The Reasons behind Greatness
To aid college men in mental,
moral and social development
3 Essential Elements
We in TKE feel that we have
an amazing brotherhood. We are
brothers in the bond; meaning
when we come together we
are all stronger
Study tables atleast 2 times/week
Due to young chapter in terms of
member age, we have focused on
teaching them good study habits
As a result we have had a significant
increase in chapter GPA, raised from
an average of 2.51 in 2010 to an
average of 2.73 in 2011
Founded in 1948
We have 28 members
Longest running active
TKE chapter
The house had been a
fixture on Campus for
The ability to balance your own
responsibilities as well as your
duties in the fraternity
Having the well being of all of your
brothers in your mind
The men of TKE performed nearly 1700
service hours in 2011, which is one of the
best on campus

We also raised over $1500 for the communtiy
most of which went to our local philanthropy
Walk a Mile in her shoes
Sold wristbands
raised awareness for rape crisis
We have a very unique recruitment process here
at the University of Akron. We take pride in taking
only the best suitable applicants.
We start with a 4-5 week rush were we have potential members fill out interest forms. From there we have a three step interview process.
Next we extend bids to suitable members and if they accept they then start about a 9 week education process in which they learn about all the aspects of TKE
TKE participates in at least 3 socials a
semester as well as hold 2 registered
parties. We enjoy interacting with the
other members in Greek life and we
are very well know throughout campus.

The men of TKE also make a great
effort to participate in others
philanthropy events to build unity.
Tekes have always been known
as very athletic individuals and
will continue to be so for a long time

We participate in every sports and more
often then not have great success
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