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The Bicycle

Bikes from the start to present time.

Carter Snow

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of The Bicycle

THe Bicycle It changed the lives of many people because it made a very affective transportation because they are cheaper then cars and it may not make sense to drive a car in a congested city when you could get around faster on a bike. Baron von Drais invented the "walking machine" just to get around his garden.
Bicycles work on a combination of gears, wheels and people power. It was received very well many countries depend on the modern bicycle for there main mode of transportation. It affected the delivery industry by the use of bike messengers like in New York City. It was made entirely of wood. Also it couldn't steer, that means you have to pick it up and turn it around. Thats how it wasn't much of a good idea. Two pedals are connected to one gear, usually at the bottom middle of the bicycle. That gear has a chain that rests on the teeth of the gear and wraps horizontally to gears that are at the center of the rear wheel. When a person pushes his or her feet on the pedals, which rotate the front gear--which rotates the back gear, causing the wheel to roll forward
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