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"Found" by Margaret Haddix

No description

amber Cannalte

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of "Found" by Margaret Haddix

"Found" by Margaret Haddix
The Conflict

In the book "Found" by Margaret Haddix, the main characters are receiving mysterious letters warning them that someone has found them and that they are after them. After receiving these letters Jonah and Chip want to find out who they "really" are and why people are coming after them. As the boys and Katherine look into Jonah and Chip's origins they run into many obstacles along the way. The first of which is Mr. Reardon, who doesn't cooperate at all and generally accuses Jonah's parents of adopting their son in a less than honorable way. The second obstacle is not knowing who to trust. J.B. seems to be helping them out, but is he really helping them out to save them from the mysterious men chasing Jonah and Chip down? Or does he have his own motives. The boys also get their hands on a list of names, phone numbers and addresses of "Survivors" and Witnesses" the boys freak when they see both of thier names on the "survivors list. Then, finally, the boys learn about time travel and their part in it's phenomenal existence. What does this mean for Jonah and Chip? That is the conflict in the story.
Rising Action
Jonah, Chip, and Katherine attend an "Adoption Convention" that is suspiciously meant for all the kids in the area. It turns out that all the children on the survivor's list with Jonah and Chip are there as well. They are separated into two groups and all the kids from the list are in one group. Gary and Hodge lead these Children on a nature hike and into a cave which is suspiciously shut. The two men discover J.B. and Angela DuPre in the cave and a battle for control starts. Then finally, Jonah has had enough and with the help of Angela, he takes control of the taser and elucidator (the thing that sends people through time) and threatens to shock Angela with it.
The novel comes to a close when Jonah demands that all the kids be allowed to go to back to their adoptive families in the 21st century. J.B. and Hodge refuse. Somehow, J.B. gets free and grabs the elucidator and zaps Chip and a boy names Alex and tries to send them to their proper time. Jonah sees J.B. and is enraged and grabs a hold of Katherine who grabbed on to Chip and was then zapped into the 15 century with them. But before he was completely in the 15th century, Jonah made a grab for the elucidator and brings it with him along with the taser. J.B. is extremely upset that Jonah went ended up in the 15th century and almost brings Jonah and Katherine back until Jonah tells/requests J.B. to let him and his sister try to fix time. J. B. reluctantly agrees and tells them not to use the taser in the 15th century.

Main Characters
Jonah Skidmore
(Charles Winston)
Katherine Skidmore
The Antagonists
(Janitor Boy)
Minor Characters
Angela DuPre
Jonah and Catherine's Parents
(Mr. and Mrs. Skidmore)
James Reardon
http://lifeisreallybeautiful.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Jackie-Evancho.jp g
http://television.mxdwn.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/7-24-13-David-Anders.p ng
http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121123232310/criminalminds/images/5/51/Colby_Bachner.jp g
http://blog.masslive.com/breakingnews/2008/12/large_DavidWoodman.jp g
http://www.sparkpeople.com/news/genericpictures/BigPictures/african_american_happy_middle_age_w oman.jpg
http://www.reflectionscenter.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Close-up-attractive-middle-aged-couple.jp g
http://www.legacygames.com/images/legacy-plus/criminal-minds/Hotch1.jp g
The two men, realizing the chaos that they have caused stop fighting and with Jonah's insistence are tied up and made to explain everything. J.B. explains that he, Gary and Hodge are from the future. He also explains that originally it was Gary and Hodge's mission to save children from the past and to bring them to the future to be adopted by families there and live a happy life. But Hodge and Gary started getting greedy and started stealing more important people from the past for extra money. For instance, among the Children in the cave is a girl who is the real Virginia Dare. All the kids on the survivor's list were stolen children from time. J.B. wants to return all these children to their proper time zones so that time itself will not be ruined by futuristic meddling.
The kids can no longer go back to the 21st century because the plane that was carrying them through time, failed and landed into the 21st century instead of the futuristic century that it was supposed to land in. This had messed up time pretty bad made the 21st century what is considered a wrecked time zone. So now the children in the cave are given a choice. They either go to the future with Gary and Hodge, or they go with J.B. and be thrown back into their proper time zone and save time and history itself. (with. of course, the high possibility of dying.)
Thinks he is normal
Is adopted and knows it
Story is told through his perspective
Is one of the missing children of time.

Is curious about his origins but freaks out when strange letters start arriving addressed to him
Is normally more quiet but takes leadership when circumstances require it.
Just wants to find out who he "really"
Katherine's older adoptive brother
Chip's good friend
A good friend of Jonah's
Sorta crushes on Katherine
Doesn't know he is adopted
Is mad at his parents for not telling him about his adoption
Started the "looking into origins" thing.
Is one of the lost children of time.
Is determined to find out who he "really" is and kind of use it as revenge to his adoptive parents
Very impulsive
King of England
Jonah's sister through her parent's adoption of Jonah.
Kinda crushes on Chip
Loves her brother and doesn't want him to forget that he is part of her family.
Wants to help her brother and Chip look into their origins and beginnings.
Takes pictures of the Witness and Survivor lists which are in Mr. Reardon's mysterious folder.
tries to fit in and sort of become a shallow middle girl.
Stern FBI agent who strictly follows protocol
Tells the Skidmore family that they may have adopted Jonah by bribing the agency.
Has a file that has a list of all the witnesses and survivors of the mysterious plane appearance and disappearance.
Tries to hide the file.
Is little to no help to Jonah's investigation
one of the two men chasing Jonah and Chip
Broke Time travel laws.
"Saved" kids from the past and adopted them into families in the future.
Stole some more important role playing children from time to adopt them into families who would pay more for their "special" child.
Offers the Jonah, Chip and Katherine a chance to see and live in the future
the second of the two people chasing Jonah and Chip
Broke time travel laws
Fights with J.B. that the children should go to the future
Orchestrated the whole adoption convention just to get all the lost children of history together so that he and Hodge could transport them all to the future .
Is known as J.B. or "Janitor Boy" by Katherine, Chip, and Jonah.
Told Jonah about the folder on Mr. Reardon's desk and to get the names and numbers of the people on the list.
Sent the warning notes to Jonah and Chip about Gary and Hodge
Is sort of the "time
warp policeman"
Wants to send all the
children to their
correct time zone

Very supportive of Jonah
Sensitive to what his feelings might be about his adoption
Love their Children equally
Have a ton of books on raising and adoptive child
Are unaware of Jonah and Chip's mysterious letters
Ignorant of the time travel event in the cave.
A witness to the plane appearing and disappearing
Is getting money for being considered insane.
Agreed to meet with Jonah, Chip, and Katherine at the library to tell them her story
Believes that Jonah, Chip, all the other children should know the truth and tells Jonah about her theory of time travel.
Helps Jonah get in control of the situation in the cave
Prezi by Amber Cannalte
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