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Copy of Feudalism Venn Diagram - Japan vs. Europe

Place the terms or statements in the proper category.

Gabriella Ramirez

on 19 March 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Feudalism Venn Diagram - Japan vs. Europe

Japan Europe began in a time of violence and warfare had a lord-vassal system warrior class Samurai Daimyo Shogun Emperor King Pope Peasant Serf Knight warrior code of honor bushido chivalry merchants were looked down upon merchants were looked up to Lord Fief well defined class roles began in the 800’s began in the 1200’s women were condsidered fragile women were expected to be brave and honorable arts and learning were not highly valued values rooted in Christianity values rooted in Buddhism, Shintoism, and Confucianism religious values guided life architecture reflected religious beliefs conflict occurred between religious and political leaders FEUDALISM Gabby Ramirez: 5 11 14
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