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TFAA Introduction (Chinese version)

No description

Amber Lee

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of TFAA Introduction (Chinese version)

TFAA 親善大使團 Amber's very own
happy experience :) Panama Glory The Objective Of
TFAA What Does TFAA Do? Welcome Party To welcome the new foreign studnets. Dance aNd Addiction Farewell Party Goodbye, Farewell. What else? Club Courses!
TFAA 社課 Making Nachos! Cook by yourself and eat them all! Incredible India Rangoli 印度砂畫 There is... MORE UN in NTHU
聯合國在清大 Amber 李學涵 TFAA President
親善大使團社長 Foreign Language
and Literature
Class of 2015 Brian
嚴邦維 TFAA Vice President
親善大使團副社長 Power Mechanical
Class of 2015 Wendy 林穎玟 Minister of Art
親善大使團美宣 Department of Economics
Class of 2015 Gary
孫文炫 Minister of Activities
親善大使團活動長 Humanities and Social Science
Class of 2015 Eric 林子驥 Minister of
親善大使團活動長 Interdisciplinary Program
College of Science
Class of 2015 Jamie 陳瑀妮 Minister of
親善大使團總務 Electrical Engineering
Class of 2015 Wayne 林建維 Electrical Engineering
Class of 2015 Minister of
親善大使團場器 Ariel 陳逸瑜 Minister of
親善大使團網管 Double Specialty Program of
Management and Technology
Class of 2015 Tsing-Hua Friendship Ambassador Association The letters stand for... The International Week Food Festival Delicious fooooood!!!! International Forum Talent Rhapsody Traditional Dances&Songs Show their beauties. The Biggest Event!
Cultural Exhibition See the world yourself! Once in a lifetime experience! The Greatest Exhibition
that you don't want to miss! Activities For This Semester (Temporary) 9/26 1st Welcoming Ceremony 第一次迎新茶會
10/4 2nd Weocoming Ceremony 第二次迎新茶會
10/16 1st Club Course 第一次社課
Late October Halloween Party (FSA&OCSA)
11/5 2nd Club Course 第二次社課
November-Service Learning Activity
12/17 or 12/18 Christmas Party
1/3 期末社大 Activities For Next Semester (Temporary) Late February: Pre-preparation of INT'L Week (國際週零籌)
Mid March: 1st preparation of INT'L Week (國際週一籌)
Late March: 2nd preparation of INT'L Week (國際週二籌)
April: International Week (國際週)
a) Food Festival (美食展)
b) Talent Show (國際星光大道)
c) Cultural Exhibition (國際園遊會)
May: Celebration of INT'L Week&Choosing New Staffs
(國際週慶功&幹部交接準備) You Need To
Know!!!! Extra Reminder
Some Good Information Club Fee 社費 International
Week Press like on our Pages!
親善大使團TFAA nthutfaa@gmail.com Participation!
Attend every activity! Confirm your email! Thank You :D Leave a message on Facebook or email us
if you have any questions. TFAA Staffs (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Friends Activities Compare This!! 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Yes No 活動 ONLY
500 Dollars Money You are here participating
everytime 材料費
every activity
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