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Control your Orgasm

Presentation on gay mens pornography and how the controls of the VCR impacted the consumer in viewing pornographic films

Gerald Blanchard

on 5 March 2011

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Transcript of Control your Orgasm

Porn Erotic Biographies
& the Gay Clone Al Parker Casey Donovan Jack Wrangler CLONES BUTCH IMAGE Hypermasculine traits Musculature
Facial Hair
Short Haircuts
Rugged Clothing Musculature Facial Hair Short Hair Huge Cock! Rugged "working" man clothing Resembled Straight Men but still had exciting gay sex lives Gay And the power of the VCR THE VHS PLAYER Film to Video NIGHT TIME Controls of the VHS player

The Gay Clone
Al Parker Experience of the porn consumer Bareback
“Pornography has become one of our privileged cultural forms, the expression of that quality for which we are stigmatized, queer-bashed, fired, evicted, jailed, hospitalized, electroshocked, disinherited, raped in prison, refused at the U.S. border, silenced, and ghettoized-that quality being our sexuality." - Tom Waugh
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