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San Francisco 49ers

No description

Eli Berk

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers
By: Eli Berk and Ethan Santana

Sourdough Sam
The San Francisco 49ers' mascot is Sourdough Sam. Sam represents how the team was named the 49ers because he is a miner that has been digging for gold all day. The fans love him and he is a great mascot.
The History of Niner Nation
The 49ers were established in 1946 by founder Tony Morabito (which you will learn more about later), and they were named the 49ers after the gold rush of 1849 that took place in San Francisco and other cities around San Fran. They chose San Francisco to be thei rhome because the NFL and Tony Morabito wanted to bring history into the league by naming it after the craze of 1849 in California. Sourdough Sam connects to the 49ers history because he was made to represent the miners that were working all day long.
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How the Niners got their name
In 1849, gold was found in San Francisco. The population increased so much because people were coming out west to strike at rich. Because of the gold, they named their football team the 49ers.
The Founder
The San Francisco 49ers had a great founder. His name was Tony Morabito. He was proud with San Francisco as his team to run. He was amazing and I hope that no one will forget him.
The Region of the West
San Francisco is exactly at 37.7833 degrees north and 122.4167 degrees west. English and Spanish are the two most spoken languages. The West is a region of scenic beauty. It is home to the largest mountain in the world, Mauna Kea. The West is home to some of the largest states of America. The West features the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and the Great Basin. San Francisco is in the great state of California.
This is a picture of Tony. He was one of the greatest founders of all time. Sadly, he died from a heart attack in the middle of a game against the Bears.
Candlestick Park
This year is the farewell year of Candlestick Park, the 49ers stadium. Before it was called Kesar field but it was then changed to candlestick in 1953. It was named candlestick park because the people nack then were devistated and they wish that they could have kesar back, but now they are more devistated than ever. candlestick is going down and the niners are trying to make it their best season yet because we won't see this team play in that stadium as soon as the season ends.
Candlestick Park
Joe montana

one of the greatest quarterbacks that san fran ever had.
Thanks for Watching!!!
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