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Reflection in 5 by Ben Morris

reflecting upon a semester in ecmp355

Ben Morris

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Reflection in 5 by Ben Morris

ECMP 355 eh? how do i get out? isn't there another way I can't do this what do computers have to give to me? I would have never guessed what was to come Wordpress Youtube Skype Jing Wordle googledocs bibme chat roulette soundcloud Garage Band Delicious smart boards moourl Prezi half of which i still dont know how to use but... But I am working on it Prezi Wordpress Googledocs Youtube I did things this year that i would have never tried if it weren't for Alec And all the while have learned to stay connected Power point I have been converted Thank You Dr. Couros this is an art project that I created this semester which was inspired by this class for such a great set of tools.....and teaching me to use them word
google This was it for me now look what i can do skype i-tunes Garage Band ECMP 355. EH Specifically.... Mac's editing suit prezi Wordpress Garage Band Photo Story 3 Windows Movie Maker power point soundcloud The Fun Part is what this class
has done for me apply to my other classes apply in my internship apply in my personal life make like Alec
and share it with everyone
my family (teachers)
my class (when i begin to teach)
my colleagues Sure there are issues copyright inapproriate use everyone is watching But we are not these teachers Our Digital foot print has to be one that others will want to follow us in where are there parents? We are shaping younger (and older)
minds. Our future. We need to lead by example and teach the way students want to learn or we will lose them. What does this mean?
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