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leadership final report

No description


on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of leadership final report

RACIAL PROFILING IN LAW ENFORCEMENT Exploring the Training Curriculum of the MPDC Phil McHugh My Project Research MPD's training curriculum
Identify problems
Come up with recommendations, addressed to the Chief of Police
My Research
Sources: books, articles and MPD officials
Interview with Sgt. Brett Parson

My Findings Lack of exposure and personal experience Lack of communication Knowledge of Stereotypes Community engagement program non-exhaustive Time and budgetary constraints High degree of quantification Lack of multi-cultural education My Recommendations
Increased dialogue on religion and culture
Discussion of stereotypes and personal experiences
Community engagement programs - increased interactions between police and community
Incorporate cross-cultural education Profile of Attitudes and Feelings
- Foreigners
- Arabs
- Italians
- My family
- God
- Jews Racial Profiling "The use of race, ethnicity or religion as key factors in police decisions to stop, interrogate and arrest individuals."

- Demonstrates lack of cultural sensitivity and understanding
- Perpetuates negative racial stereotypes
- Breeds distrust and negative feelings within population
toward law enforcement Why is it bad? Method of evaluation - Recommendations taken into consideration
- Some or all parts of my proposal are implemented
- Number of officers who receive training under changed curriculum
- Compare statistics on racial profiling in DC before and after project What I gained - Networking experience
- Importance of persistence and determination
- Meeting deadlines
- Reasearch and analytical skills
- Communication skills
- Working independently: multitasking and time management

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