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The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

No description

Tanisha Petersen

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson

A twisted tale of love and betray; this is what happens when a person tries to live two separate lives; both of which are based on lies.
The Themes
Anyone who has read this novel knows that John Wilson was one of the biggest liar to walk the streets of Saskatchewan!

After his brother lost all the families wealth, in an attempt to save the his families name, John and his brother cheated and stole in order to pay back their debt. Ironically, this first lie, this act of deception was what sent him running from his home land and to Canada where he would begin a new life based on lies.

This new life in Canada was a chance for John to get away from the shame of his actions committed in his homeland. One might think he would start off fresh and try harder. But when things got hard for John, his first reaction was to try and lie his way out of it.

Throughout the following years Sgt. John Wilson would live with his first wife, well planning to marry his lover Jamie; hiding the very existence of one another with a series of lies and deception.

In order to keep the deception going, John would eventually murder his wife so he could be with his new lover.
Betray and Deception go hand in hand, as to deceive is to betray. When John began to develop feelings for another woman, that was a betray of their marriage.

When Polly arrived in Canada and they moved in together, slept together, picked up as married couples well all the while John had Jamie on the side; that was a betray her love for him.

And finally, when he took Polly out on a 'romantic drive' to spend time together, only to murder her in cold blood; this was a betray of her trust in him.

Lois Simmie
The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson
Love and its many forms
One of the major themes throughout this story would have to be love. How some forms of love are real, where others are false. This story explores false love, true love, love built on lies, and love that dies as time passes by.

At first John Wilson is in love with Polly, truly and whole heartedly. But as time passed and John began to build a new life of lives, his love for Polly could not last.
His love for Jamie is different, as it was based on lies from the very first moment. And though John Wilson believes this love to be his true love, one could ask how can their love be real if Jamie does not even know what kind of man John was?

Love is also a very important element and theme in this story, as it is love or some twisted form of love which drives Sgt. John Wilson to build a life of lies. And even eventually murder his first wife.

Love is not only a theme in this novel but one of Sgt. John Wilson's biggest motivations.
New Beginnings
A less emotion theme explored in this novel was the idea of new beginnings and of starting over. Usually this is a good thing, a chance to move on from the mistakes of the past and start fresh. Only it didn't work out that way for John.

This Novel goes to show that even when starting over, you carry the past with you. And if you act the same way you did in the past, you should expect to land yourself in the same sort of situation.

John Wilson was given a new beginning in Canada, a chance to wash his hands free of the lies and shame. But instead he continued living a life lies were his escape.
Given that Deception and lies plays such a huge role in this story, it goes without saying that the search for truth is also very important.

When Sgt. John Wilson's castle of lies come crashing down around him, the search for truth begins! Starting with the question of where his first wife Polly has disappeared to. Ending with the gruesome truth that John Wilson murdered sweet Polly.
Minor Themes
There are other themes that play a role in the novel that deserve honorable mentions, such as:

Good and Evil
Right and Wrong
Overcoming Challenges
And Murder

Thank You
for exploring the themes of

The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson A True Story of Love & Murder
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