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Computer Systems

Week 6 assignment

Simon Power

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Computer Systems

Compare Contrast 2 CMS What system does your school use? How do teachers use the CMS? Do they like it? What can you do to increase the educational benefits of the system you have? In reviewing Blackboard and Moodle, my approach will focus more on the needs of the students in a k-12 setting The system used at our school is Moodle. As all of our courses are face to face learning environments the need for a stand alone CMS has always been available to teachers, however, teachers utilize Moodle as a supplementary tool to deliver course content and promote discussion. It has been widely used by the Professional development team in implementing online courses for faculty to join. A major focus for the Elementary school is the development of our blogging platform. We use the Wordpress Multi User platform. Every staff member has their own blog and would be able to deliver course content online for students http://teachers.saschina.org/kpower http://teachers.saschina.org/stoa/ Simon Power
Shanghai American School
Elementary technology Integrationist I will be looking at VS A sense of community helps students to fully participate in their learning process by having them perceive the environments as safe and by fostering their sense of obligation or responsibility to meet the needs of the group (Moller, Harvey, Downs, & Godshalk, 2000) Being an International School in Shanghai, Moodle is integral to our well developed Emergency plan. As history has shown, when a particular outbreak, be it SARS (when our population exited China, forcing the school to physically shutdown, but continue online) to the recent Birdflu scare. A need for High School students to be fully versed in Moodle is important INTEGRAL Our CMS For course related documents. Upload Quizzes Two distinct groups have emerged.......
Some have embraced Moodle
Others have found alternate tools to create their own CMS Faculty enjoy Moodle for it's interactive nature, the ability to upload and place all information in one spot. Others are frustrated by its depth. It's inability to reproduce web 2.0. The unreal audience. The sense of a school space instead of a social space. Blackboard Similar to Moodle, however it seems much more suited to the Elementary environment. Downside? $ Moodle is free Positives?
It's a complete package
No "tinkering" required Downside?
Plug ins, add ons, "tinkering" required Wordpress Blogs allow for a unique real social environment. Authentic audience The result?
If we continue using free tools, a dedicated Technician must be allocated to maintain our CMS.
All systems cost! Moodle will continue to suit some faculty, however, I fully support Wordpress due to it's authentic audience utilizing web 2.0. If we are to use free tools....Moodle 2.0 and Wordpress will suffice. However, Blackboard
seems to be a complete package offering the best of everything at a price$$$
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