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Menu Composition Chap 1

No description

Sam La Duca

on 8 January 2018

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Transcript of Menu Composition Chap 1

Prior to writing a menu, the location, the customer and their desires, and the relationship between these factors must be explored.
Explain the differences in demographic, feasibility, and psychographic studies
Describe the difference between direct and indirect competition and how competition can influence a restaurant's menu listings.
Differentiate between the popularity of certain foods among age groups, ethnic origins, education, occupation, and income.
Explain the difference between fads and trends and how to use them to your advantage.
What does the term demographics mean?
How do we expand on the Demographic Study
Feasibility Studies
Where do you think most of the guests that patronize Elevation are from?
Statistics show, for the most part, people stay close to their home or place of work when dining out.
Close? How many miles is close?
Ex: N.Y.C., Tumalo
WORK? St.Charles Example
One of the most important aspects of menu planning?

Location is important, but my no means the crucial factor.
People confuse good locations with busy intersections, shopping malls, and heavily populated residential areas.
People celebrating- Will they travel farther?
What type of food and beverage business would do well at the corner of college way and Newport Ave.?
In utilizing demographics in menu planning, two factors must be evaluated:
1.) the demographic study itself; identifying the customer
in the market
2.) the matching of these customers, along with their
needs and preferences, to the proper menu
Demographics of in Bend, Oregon?
Psychographic Studies
Personal Knowledge
any business that sells?
Direct Competition
Indirect Competition
any food-service that sells a similar ______.
Can a grocery store be considered competition?
Pizza (Forum)
Sushi (College)
Is competition healthy?
Why or Why not?
What does it promote?
Write this down
Do not become full of yourself if you do not have much competition!
Create loyal guests by including a key factor, Hospitality!.
The market becomes?
Is it healthy? market will only support so many similar operations ( number of available customers is spread thin!)
Is our market saturated with a particular style or type of restaurant? Look at your best of the best
Best of the Best Activity
How can I make it better than the competition?!
Bring out the Box!
What new bakery business has made it better!
unique? Innovative? Like? Dislike? Decor? Service?
Too much competition?
Age Groups
Knowledge of age groups is vital to proper menu selection
children - teens - young adults - middle-age adults - older adults
Do they influence as to where the family dines out?
Parents still also have to approve
Are children influenced by television (advertising)?
What do parents want for the experience?
What do the children want for the experience?
Cut off age of many restaurants children's menu?
childhood eating habits, but starting to be mature
Teens: 2 markets- eating out with family, eating out peers
younger teen (towards a kids menu) older teen (adult menu)
Portion size strategy: petite or small-appetite meals ( sm or lg salad)
Young adults
Young married couples
singles, couples with no children , and families
health conscious, physical fitness
lighter, healthier, and natural foods
vegetarian options, authentic ethnic food
very trendy
eat out more! Why?
Are they concerned about price?
tend to follow the same criteria as singles, especially when both work
start families- What do you think happens at this point?
Middle-age adults
traditional, grew up on quick-service
prefer chicken, seafood, pasta entrees and baked goods
desire comfort food
willing to try unfamiliar food
mainstream ethnic cuisine (Italian, Mexican Chinese) is very popular
prefer smaller portions
prefer roast beef, steak, fish or seafood and veal entrees
Price is less a factor
prefer cafeterias and coffee shops
Education, occupation, and income
All tied together because each tends to influence the other
Blue collar (manufacturing, construction, mechanical - physical work
White collar (professional and managerial work)
Generally does a person in a white-collar position earns more than a per in a blue-collar job.
As far as menu planning is concerned, a potential customer's education and occupation play a minor role in contrast to income
With income as the primary factor, the key determination for the menu writer becomes affordability for the market
Another key factor in a particular demographic area is the markets disposable income
Read bottom of page 22 and top of 23 (paragraph) -
disposable income - 2 things happen?
Popularity Polls
Following ___ costs money:
following _____ can make money.
What are some fads that have come and went quickly in the area or nationwide?
What are some trends in our area or nationwide?
Welcome to Menu Composition and Analysis
Course Information
CCI Student Handbook, Sign
Important Dates (Holiday, MOY, Winter Weather)]
Quizzes and Exams
Practical Information - NEXT SLIDE
Menu Project
Review Rubric
Restaurant Location (anywhere)
Food Truck- talk to me
Demographic Surveys
Location determines who patronizes it and for a restaurant to be successful, its menu must cater those customers.
Main Focus:
To appreciate how outside sources influence menu writing. The influence of customer demographics, competition, fads and trends all tend to push menus into certain acceptable norms.
Baja Fresh
What are the demographics of Bend, Redmond, Prineville,and Madras?
Project due date?
Where in the U.S. have most people migrated from who have moved to Bend?
Restaurants they are familiar with? Meet their needs!
What does Bend need? Go magazine
Survey Monkey

About My Menu Experience:
Clamsters Bar & Grill
Family/Casual Dining Restaurant
Seafood/American Food
Theme: Seafood House
Saddle Jack's
Family Casual Dining Restaurant
Steaks/American Food
Theme: Country Western
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