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Audience-interactive comedy about a large computer networking company. The audience is introduced to all the wacky characters through a corporate kick-off meeting that provides the setting for the show.

Janine Pohorely

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of FishNet-Networks.net

History & Explanation of FishNet-Networks.net politically incorrect, parody of a large computer networking company
audience-interactive format
corporate kick-off meeting provides setting for show
Initial, brief run at Somerville Theatre
Well received by audience
Reviews: minimal, but positive
Positive reviews spurred second-run
SWOT Strengths
Original premise
great cast
low ticket price
poor script
minimal awareness of the show
Unwilling to experiment with social media

show in a college student area
relatable to young professionals in the area
Recession-priced shows
Many well known shows in the area
Lack of credibility due to website
Boost awareness of the show
Fill at least half of the audience for each performance
Generate buzz and positive reviews of the show
Goals What We Did Website Radio Bar Trivia Nights What We Wanted To Do Open Sourcing Qik Measurement of Effectiveness Bars ranged from appealing to a yuppy business crowd to emitting more of a casual atmosphere
Generate awareness through engaging with characters
Goal of attracting attention and showcasing comedic talent
Distribute fake business cards after trivia game ends Written in the voice of the IT Director, Vishy
Posted the actor's biographies and headshots, their new website, promotional pictures, and video's that introduced the characters
Goal: to build a connection with the target
Opportunity to showcase comedic talent and give a preview of what the show is about
Can be utilized as a single space to hold all content related to the show
Post a portion of the script online and allow the target to provide feedback on how they think scenes should unfold
Allows the audience some control in the content of the show
Allows the show to keep evolving Can be utilized to film rehearsals and capture candid moments
Convenience and ease of being able to instantly upload content
ability to interact in real-time with target
Opportunity to showcase the personality of the comedy
Maximize exposure by syncing with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages Facebook Page
At start: about 130 fans
Currently: 405 fans
4 out of 5 stars for Post Quality

Grade: 84 out of 100
Rank: 1,089,589 out of 6,817,552
Most watched video recieved 202 views after 1 month
Other videos received an average of 40 views after 1 month Ticket Sales
nearly packed house for opening weekend
Fishface Entertainment

MK 471

Jared Diamond
Janine Pohorely
Dan Rosenberg Increase online presence in order to increase show success
Need for new website in order to motivate viewership
Square Space
Current Website Initial Facebook group: difficulty in attracting attention
Tactic 1: EAch Social media team member invited friends to join the group
Increased fans from 130 to 405
Tactic 2: Increase awareness for show's April 16th debut through event reminders and promotional offers
30 Facebook users attended opening weekend Useful outlet for small businesses to keep target up to date
Posted quotes from the show, videos, pictures, discounts, and online promotions
Followers: 215 and is following over 1,190 users Contacted WERS and WECB for possibility of free promotion
Free promotion on WECB throughout March and April
On-air interviews with characters Generate interest and provide background information about show through uploading videos
Podcasts showcased the personalities of the characters Website aggregated social reviews
modified the show to improve based on commentary
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